Freaknik festival moving to September

Freaknik is the latest Atlanta festival to shift its plans due to the coronavirus threat.

The event, which recently changed locations to Morris Brown College, will move from June 19-21 to Sept. 18-20 at the same location.

Carlos Neal of After 9 Partners, which is producing Freaknik for the second consecutive year, said that given the possibility of the virus’ after-effects lasting through summer, he believed it was best to be proactive and shift dates now.

“We cannot in good faith ask people to purchase tickets to a festival when you should be focusing on your family and your community,” Neal said in a statement provided exclusively to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Neal guarantees that fans who already purchased tickets can receive a full refund if the new dates are not amenable; previously purchased tickets will be honored and a complimentary drink each day and entry to the Freaknik after-party will also be provided as a good faith gesture.

The blind pre-sale that has been available will continue, but Neal said he won’t yet release the artist lineup – which he said has been paid for and confirmed – “to not entice others to purchase at this moment.”

The release also noted that:

After 9 Partners will continue to work with Another Way Out, Inc aka Mr. Samuel Tompkins, Cascade Driving Range, Central Holiness Church, Fulton County Schools, Morris Brown College, and the leaders of Vine City to ensure members of the community who are at the greatest risk (elderly and the impoverished kids who are missing lunch) have support. We recently suspended our Free Kids Lunch & Golf program to abide by the City’s new ordinance but will divert these resources to our local schools and churches.

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