Wes Craven dies; we still live in the world he imagined


So ... what happened over the weekend?

Wes Craven, the horror movie impresario who created classics such as "Nightmare on Elm Street" and the "Scream" movies, died Sunday at the age of 76.

“The basis of most of my films is, essentially, true life,” Craven once claimed. “… The kind of peak pictures that I’ve made are very much my reading of the current psychological, social situation that I perceived in the world.”

For those who don't know his work, Craven's most enduring creation, the slasher Freddy Krueger, kills people by invading their dream world and becoming their worst fears made real. Craven described Krueger as a metaphor, personifying the notion that your fears are what kill you and that the only real escape is to awaken from your nightmares.

That may make a decent premise for a horror movie, but with all due respect for the departed, Craven's claim that his work had something to do with "true life" or "the current psychological, social situation" reads like an effort to inflate cheap entertainment into high art. I mean, it's not as if we have trouble dividing the world of our nightmares from the real world. That's silly talk.

Anything else important happen...?

Not really. But at MTV's annual VMA show, created to honor the very finest artistic achievements of American civilization, Kanye West did drop the bombshell that he will be running for president of the United States in 2020.

Talk about a horror movie!  Among other things, having Kanye as our president would mean having his wife, Kim Kardashian, as our First Lady. But again: We all know the difference between the world of our nightmares and the real world.  President Kanye might rule in the idiocracy of our nightmares, but it's supremely silly to think it would ever happen here in the real world. Never ever.

Because in the real world, President Trump will be running for re-election in 2020 based upon his success in purging the country of Mexicans, stealing all the oil in the Middle East, re-renaming Mount McKinley/Denali after himself and forcing Megyn Kelly to break down in tears and to publicly beg Trump to date her, please Donald please.

Running against that impressive record of accomplishment, Kanye wouldn't have a chance.

And with that to reassure you, have a good week ahead, everybody.