Veteran Washington reporter Cokie Roberts dies at 75

Cokie Roberts, who covered Congress and national politics for many years at ABC News and National Public Radio, died Tuesday at age 75, ABC News announced, saying her death was due to complications from breast cancer.

"A mentor, a friend, a legend," tweeted ABC News correspondent Cecilia Vega.

"Horrible, sad news," said ABC White House correspondent Karen Travers, as tributes poured in about Roberts.

While many knew that Cokie was married to veteran political reporter Steve Roberts, her experience in politics came directly from her family - as both of her parents were members of the U.S. House.

Her father, Hale Boggs, might have been Speaker of the House, but a plane he was traveling on in Alaska - disappeared 47 years ago next month - and was never found.

Also aboard was Rep. Nick Begich of Alaska; his son, Mark Begich, would later serve in the U.S. Senate.

When the plane carrying Begich and Boggs disappeared on October 16, 1972, Boggs was House Majority Leader at the time; after his plane was never found, Democrats in the House elected Rep. Tip O'Neill (D-MA) to be the new Majority Leader.

O'Neill would later succeed Rep. Carl Albert (D-OK) as House Speaker.

Boggs was succeeded in his House seat by his wife, Rep. Lindy Boggs (D-LA), the first woman ever elected to Congress in Louisiana.

Lindy Boggs retired after the 1990 elections.