Trump accuses Clinton of playing racial politics

Credit: Jamie Dupree

Credit: Jamie Dupree

At a raucous rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump charged Hillary Clinton and Democrats of wrongly accusing his supporters of being racists, saying his main opponents in the race for President was using an old page from the Democratic Party's election playbook.

"She lies, she smears, she paints decent Americans - you - as racists," Trump told his audience, as a day after labeling Clinton a 'bigot,' Trump repeated that criticism.

"We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton, who sees communities of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future," Trump said.

Credit: Jamie Dupree

Credit: Jamie Dupree

"It's the oldest play in the Democratic playbook," Trump said.

Trump's speech came just before Hillary Clinton's first public speech of the week in Nevada, where she blasted Trump for building a campaign based on "prejudice and paranoia."

"The news reports are that Hillary Clinton is going to try to accuse this campaign, and the millions of decent Americans who support this campaign, of being racists," Trump said.

"She bullies voters, who only want a better future, and tries to intimidate them out of voting for change," Trump told the crowd.

"Hillary Clinton would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant than to an unemployed Hispanic citizen – or to a Veteran," Trump said.

"It's the oldest play in the Democratic playbook," Trump added, using a mocking voice to say, "You're racist, you're racist."

Trump stayed on script through most of his speech, which was one of his most concise and pointed attacks on Clinton since the Republican convention.

"Hillary Clinton’s actions constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise," Trump said as he denounced her private email server and dealings with the Clinton Foundation.

While Trump thrilled the crowd by talking about building a wall along the Mexican border, he did not say anything about his recent talk about altering his plans on immigration, possibly allowing people who are here in the U.S. illegally to remain - if they've been law-abiding.

Earlier in the day, Trump told reporters that he would lay out more on his immigration plan, which has left some in the Republican Party befuddled in recent days.