This Week's Energy Battle

While some lawmakers try this week to find a middle ground on energy issues in the House, the political forecast is still a 100% chance of election year rhetoric on who is to blame for $4/gallon gasoline.

As of now, Democrats in the House are holding out the chance that some energy related legislation will reach the floor, but that's not certain as yet.

Critics of the Democrats are certain to seize on this week's advance schedule, which includes a slew of items that don't exactly sound as important as the high price of oil, or the financial status of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

One example, is H.Res 984, "Expressing support for the designation of July 26, 2008, as "National Day of the Cowboy."

Now before you accuse me of picking on cowboys, realize that my grandfather was one, a real one, and I'm sure if he were alive today that he would have a few choice words to give me about the job the Congress is doing right now.

"Possible consideration of energy legislation," was how the legislative update Sunday from House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer described the situation.

While the House tries to figure out what's next on energy, look for the Senate to do the same, but not immediately.

Senators will duke it out this week over some parliamentary slowdowns involving a global AIDS bill.  Maybe after that, we'll start to see some action on energy in that chamber.

Lawmakers are due to leave for a summer break in early August.  According to my calendar, that's just around the corner.