On The Attack

It looks like Democrats will go ahead today and vote on a resolution that would publicly rebuke Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) for yelling "You lie!" at President Obama during his speech to Congress last week.

Last week, Republican leaders had tried to get Wilson to speak on the House floor and make his apology public, but Wilson had refused.

Yesterday, House GOP Leader John Boehner had seemingly changed his tune, maybe after watching how Wilson had quickly become a cult figure among opponents of the Obama Administration and Democrats in general.

"Rep. Wilson has apologized to the President, and the President accepted his apology," Boehner said in a written statement, adding that he will vote against the resolution.

"Instead of pursuing this type of petty partisanship, we should be working together to lower costs and expand access to affordable, high-quality health coverage on behalf of the American people," he added.

As of last night, the resolution had not yet been introduced, so it wasn't clear what exactly the House would be voting on today.

It's certainly within the rights of the House as a body to punish members.

"Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings; punish its members for disorderly behaviour," it says in the U.S. Constitution.

Last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly said that she considered the issue over, and wanted to move on to talk about health care.

But in the interim, House Democratic Whip Jim Clyburn - also from Wilson's home state of South Carolina - has led the charge to go after Wilson, and at this point, he seems to have won the argument.

As for why Democrats are going after him like this?  Come on!  It's a lot easier to do this than to come up with a deal on health reform.