Statement of Disbursements

One of the best documents issued by the Congress is known as the "Statement of Disbursements," which shows you where taxpayer dollars go for the functions of the U.S. House.  Even better these days is that the thick volume is available on the internet.

It shows you how much each employee makes in salary, how much each office spends on things like bottled water, phone services, printing, private car mileage reimbursement, travel and more.

One interesting item showed that four different members of the House returned extra money from their office accounts:

  • Rep. Spencer Bachus R-AL - $414.39
  • Rep. Scott Rigell R-VA - $3,528.33
  • Rep. Steve Stivers R-OH - $1,450.00
  • Rep. Timothy Walz R-MN - $2,196.00

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