Six Races Still Undecided

Six days after the elections, six races are still in limbo for seats in the 111th Congress, as Republicans and Democrats fight to the bitter end for every last vote.

Three races are still up in the air in the Senate.  In Alaska, convicted Sen. Ted Stevens still leads by 3,353 votes.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid made clear over the weekend that he does not expect Stevens to be returning to the Senate for another six year term.

Reid told CNN's Late Edition that Stevens has no future in Washington, D.C.

"He's been convicted of seven felonies," Reid said.

"He is not going to be in the Senate."

Another Senate race that isn't finished is in Minnesota, where Sen. Norm Coleman's lead over Democrat Al Franken has shrunk to 221 votes.

The final totals won't be certified for a few more days, and then we will have a hand recount, which means this race won't be settled until December.

Also on hold until next month is the Georgia Senate race, where Sen. Saxby Chambliss has been forced into a runoff by Democrat Jim Martin.

In the House, three GOP seats remain uncalled at this point.

One seems likely to go to the Democrats, as Rep. Virgil Goode of Virginia trails by 546 votes.

GOP candidates meanwhile are ahead in two open seat races, one in Ohio's 15 district, where the Republican leads by 149 votes and one in California, where the GOP hopeful is ahead by just 89 votes.

As of now, Democrats have picked up 6 seats in the Senate and 21 seats in the House.