Romney to Skip Georgia Debate?

Officials in the Georgia Republican Party are putting out word this afternoon that Mitt Romney is not going to participate in a GOP debate set for March 1 in Atlanta.

The debate, sponsored by CNN, is being co-sponsored by the Georgia GOP and the Ohio Republican Party.  It is the last debate before Super Tuesday.

A debate is already set for next Wednesday in Arizona.

Romney's campaign reportedly told CNN officials earlier today about their decision.  No reason was given for Romney's decision, which comes as new polls today show him behind Rick Santorum both in Michigan and Ohio.

The Ohio numbers were especially startling, as a Rasmussen poll showed Santorum ahead of Romney by 18 points.

It wouldn't be the first time a GOP frontrunner has skipped a debate in Georgia - it happened in 1996, when Bob Dole refused to appear with his closest pursuers in a debate hosted by WSB-TV in Atlanta.

How do I remember that one?  I was on the panel.

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