Pelosi CIA Encore?

As the U.S. House returns today from a 10 day break, we will get a better idea as to whether Republicans will keep up their attacks on Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her accusation that the CIA lied to her about the use of waterboarding on terror detainees.

While the issue went away for much of the break, eclipsed by the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice and other stories, it could now make a comeback.

But it depends on what Republicans do.

As of now, the likelihood of smoking gun evidence on what the CIA did or did not tell the Speaker seems remote.

For the most part, both parties look at the same facts and come away with completely different conclusions.

That is called politics.  It doesn't make it right, but that's what both parties do.

Republicans ran a few TV ads over the break against newly elected Democrats in the House, trying to tie them to Pelosi over the CIA story, as critics brought the issue back home.

Now with the House back in session, the question is will the GOP keep forcing procedural votes on a plan that would require an ethics investigation of her CIA charge.

While that has little chance of succeeding right now, it would keep the story in the spotlight - and it certainly does keep the heat on Democrats.

"GOP Weighs Pelosi Assault," was the headline in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call on Monday, looking at the pros and cons of an ongoing effort to keep the Speaker on her toes.

Republicans right now need some of kind of new push on this story - maybe some kind of big time leak from the CIA - in order to give it new life.

Barring that, they can always use guerrila politics.

And did I mention that the CIA Director is on Capitol Hill today? Too bad that hearing is behind closed doors.

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