Obamas On Broadway

The White House is refusing to say how much it cost to ferry the President and First Lady to New York City on Saturday for a Presidential Date Night.

The First Couple flew to New York City - not on Air Force One - but on a smaller Gulfstream jet that's in the Presidential hangar.

Then, they went by helicopter to Manhattan, where streets were cordoned off for their motorcade - first to dinner - then onto a show.

How much did it all cost?

The White House refused to say on Monday.  Here is the back and forth in the White House briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Q    Robert, are you going to tell us how much the President and the First Lady's date night cost on Saturday night, and if not, why not?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, Jonathan, I think spokespeople have spoken to this over the weekend that the President would -- had he or could he, based on the Secret Service, he would have taken the shuttle, but I would say that the costs are proportionate with travel for Presidents.  And I would encourage you to look up previous coverage on travel costs because they're analogous.

Q    But is there any President or a President and First Lady who have taken an out-of-town date night like this, not connected to an official or even a political -- previous event?

MR. GIBBS:  You've got probably more researchers than I do.

In other words, you ain't getting squat from this podium, Buddy.

Now, I'm sure that people can have a legitimate argument about whether the Obamas should have gone on the taxpayer dime to New York or not.

But why don't you drop a comment and let me know what you think.

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