Obama, Trump meet at White House to start transition


The results of Tuesday's election became clear at the White House today, as President-Elect Donald Trump arrived for his first meeting with President Obama, with the two men discussing the transition and important issues, as Mr. Trump vowed to seek the advice of the outgoing President.

"It was wide-ranging, we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a White House," the President said in the Oval Office, as camera shutters clicked loudly in the background.

Mr. Obama again vowed to help smooth a transition to a Trump Administration, while at the same time, getting the new President ready to deal with major items on the nation's agenda.

"We talked about foreign policy, we talked about domestic policy, and I said last night, my number one priority in the coming months is to try to facilitate a transition," the President said.

Trump told reporters that the meeting had originally been scheduled to last for only 10-15 minutes, but instead the two men spoke for an hour and a half - with Trump saying it could have lasted even longer.

"We were just going to get to know each other," Trump said. "We had never met each other."

"We discussed a lot of different situations - some wonderful - some difficulties," Trump added.

Trump the left the White House for Capitol Hill, where he met with both Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

A number of tourists got a special treat, as Trump made his way through the Capitol, escorted by the Speaker.