Obama v Cheney

I can't wait to see all the splashy graphics on the cable networks on Thursday as they juggle coverage of speeches by President Obama and former Vice President Cheney.

The two men will be speaking at almost the same time, addressing many of the same issues as the debate over national security items like Guantanamo Bay has grabbed repeated headlines in Washington, D.C.

"The President delivers major speech on national security," says his schedule, which shows at 10:10 EDT start.

If I'm Cheney, I would make sure my speech doesn't start until Obama is done.  That way, Obama gets no postgame coverage, and you get full attention until you're finished.

It should be fun to watch!

The former Veep has been especially accessible in recent weeks, sternly defending the terror work of the Bush Administration.

In fact, Cheney has been on the Sunday talk shows more this year than all but one year of the eight that he was Vice President.

While I doubt that Mr. Obama will single out Cheney, it won't surprise anyone to see Cheney go after the President, Speaker Pelosi and others, on a host of national security issues.

The speeches come a day after the Senate brutally rebuked the administration over the idea of bringing detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the US, by a vote of 90-6.

Also raising eyebrows in recent days have been the Obama Administration's decision not to release pictures of detainee abuse and the move to again use a slightly changed version of military tribunals for detainee trials, both of which aggravated more liberal Democrats.

You know that Cheney is going to have a couple of wise cracks and zingers that will cause some good laughs in political circles.

For all of the "Darth Vader" criticism, Cheney does have a great sense of humor, and a very dry one at that.

One would also expect maybe a few jabs today at Speaker Pelosi over her charges against the CIA.

I'm going to need some extra popcorn for this show.