More Obama Prime Time

As I was rumbling around Capitol Hill yesterday, my blackberry chirped with the receipt of yet another message from the White House, another email that demonstrated how this White House is staying on offense.

"Primetime Presidential News Conference Scheduled for Wednesday, April 29," said the email.

I'll give the Obama people credit, they don't think small.  They just keep pushing him in front of the cameras.

It sort of reminds me of Bill Clinton.  He would hold prime time news conferences and keep taking questions until the press got bored.

Clinton would speak FOREVER in a speech to Congress and the media would groan and moan about it.  Then the polls would show the voters loved it.

This will be Obama's third prime time news conference in just over three months in office.  That's a hell of a pace, since most of the Bush Administration we wrote stories about how few news conferences he conducted.

In fact, Mr. Bush didn't hold his third prime time news conference until he had been in office for over three and a half years.  His first one wasn't until October of his first year in office (after Nine Eleven.)

There's your water cooler factoids for the day.

"What's the news conference about?" someone asked me in a Twitter message yesterday afternoon.

Well, since the news conference is going to be as hits 100 days in office, you can pretty well assume he's going to argue why it has been a successful first 100 days, etc.

I'm one who thinks the "100 day" marker is completely bogus.  The news media loves it because we can constantly write stories with stuff like "Closing in on his 100 days in office," and more.

But it's obvious the White House - whether they think it's a bogus story or not - has decided it is going to embrace the 100 day thang and run with it.

Maybe we're headed back to the time of Ford and Carter, who held an average of more than one formal news conference a month.

That would be great, but what would be even better - and I can say this with authority - what would be better is if the press events could be during the day.

I don't need to do even more work, thank you.

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