A Major Loss

Do not underestimate the importance of the win for Republicans in the Massachusetts Senate race.  This was a big time defeat for Democrats and a personal rebuke for President Obama and his policies.

For the third time in just over two months, a candidate personally backed by President Obama was thumped at the polls - the other defeats coming in races for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey.

"The Republican Party is now the party of change," said political analyst Stu Rothenberg.

Democrats might not agree with that assessment, but they can't argue with the final numbers from Massachusetts, as Ted Kennedy's seat went to a little known Republican.

What will Democrats do now?

Will they keep fighting on health care reform?  Will they quietly let it die so they can switch to issues related to jobs and the economy?

One year ago today, Barack Obama took the oath in front of a massive crowd that stretched from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

A year later, the same winds of change that brought Obama and many Democrats in the Congress into office has turned 180 degrees.

We'll see how the White House reacts on health care and more.