Last Minute Political Shopping

You have to hand it to both parties these days, they are coming up with a myriad of ways for you to express your political sentiments, even when there's no election in sight.

You probably remember the Barack Obama Limited Edition Holiday Mug earlier this month.  Well, I didn't act quick enough to get the Limited Edition Winter Hat or the Limited Edition Obama Calendar - a FOUR YEAR calendar at that.

They were already sold out when I tried to check them out on the Obama web site.

So, if you are desperately searching for an Obama gift, maybe you can try the Limited Edition Obama T-Shirt.

Yep, I know you were looking forward to sporting one of these around town, don't try to lie about it.

So, like it says, chip in another $30 and you can have a Change Can Happen T-Shirt to go with your Obama Holiday Mug and whatever else you have bought from Team Obama.

(This still begs the question though - what in the heck is the Obama Team still raising all this money for?)

So you say that Obama doesn't really float your boat, well have I got a couple of things for you from the other side of the aisle.

You backers of Sarah Palin out there, this one is right up your alley!

Yes, it's the Sarah Palin 2009 Wall Calendar.  Re-live those great moments on the campaign trail for the GOP and see exclusive photos of Palin as Governor from back in Alaska!

You also get photos of Palin with her family, which include "Never before seen photos" of the Governor who made many Blue State Women run to the polls in fear to vote for Obama.

I was going to keep writing and show you some more examples, like the Newt Gingrich signed gavel and some other Obama momentos, but I think I will quit while I'm ahead.

Do your duty and spur some economic growth!  Get out there and shop!