Kasich makes final pitch in South Carolina


Credit: Jamie Dupree

From Columbia, South Carolina -

Kicking off a final series of town hall events in the Palmetto State, Ohio Gov. John Kasich vowed to exceed expectations in Saturday's Republican primary, as he started to look ahead at a variety of other states on the GOP calendar.

"We're going to Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana - there's a lot of places to go," Kasich told reporters after another meeting with voters.

Kasich though won't be going to Nevada - which holds a Republican caucus next Tuesday.

Kasich's decision not to go to Nevada fell flat in the Silver State.

In his Columbia event, Kasich told a crowd of about 100 people that he would exceed expectations in South Carolina, though he didn't make any predictions, as he again stressed his accomplishments as both a Governor and a member of Congress.

"I had a good record in the Congress," Kasich said at one point, arguing that people want elected officials who can fix things.

"I got endorsed by the two major newspapers in this state," Kasich reminded his audience, as both The State, and the Charleston Post and Courier backed his campaign, a reminder of endorsements he received in New Hampshire as well.


Credit: Jamie Dupree

"Regardless of how well you do here in South Carolina, do not quit on us," one supporter in the audience said to loud applause.

"Then you got to get on the phone today," Kasich said, urging everyone to call their friends and get more people to the polls.

Kasich recalled how he had only six people attend one of his town halls in New Hampshire, back when few gave him any chance of still being in the conversation in South Carolina.


Credit: Jamie Dupree

"Then when I came down here, the day after New Hampshire, we had like 500 people at a restaurant, when we had RSVP's for only fifty," Kasich said.

"I'm going to do the best I can do, as long as I can do it," Kasich promised his backers.