Health Care Update

Key Democrats met for eight hours at the White House on Wednesday, making what they termed "significant progress" in hammering out the differences between House and Senate health care bills, in a drive to forge a final deal on that legislation.

"We're encouraged and energized, and we're resolved to deliver reform legislation that provides more stability and security for those with insurance, extends coverage to those who don't have coverage, and lowers costs for families, businesses, and governments," said a written statement issued by the White House.

No details were immediately available on what progress had been made, but it is obvious that Democrats and President Obama want to speed up the negotiating process on a final bill.

And before you say it - no - there were no C-SPAN cameras around the catch any of the negotiations, and I don't think you'll see any of it anytime soon.

Originally, the President was to meet with key lawmakers only in the morning, but the White House cancelled an afternoon event and speech that was on Mr. Obama's schedule, and the talks went on into the evening.

Mr. Obama will be back with Democrats this evening, as he will address House Democrats at a day long "retreat" that they are having this week.  (Usually these retreats are off at some really nice resort, but Democrats decided that wouldn't look too good, so they stayed home.)

So what's the bottom line here?  It's clear that Democrats want to reach a final deal and get it done quickly.

Can they?  Of course.

Will they?  That's another story.

Will they have the votes is the real question.

The Massachusetts Senate race will tell us a lot next Tuesday.