Health Care at Supreme Court

After months of wrangling in lower courts, today could be the day that the U.S. Supreme Court officially accepts legal challenges to the Obama health reform law and places those lawsuits on the docket for argument in coming months.

The decision will come out of a regularly scheduled “conference” of the justices, in which possible cases to add are laid out, as we may get a judgment on the case as early as this morning.

The action at the High Court comes after a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. upheld the health reform package backed by Democrats and Barack Obama on Tuesday.

That ruling came just a few hours before voters in Ohio approved a ballot measure that is an effort to block as much of the Obama health law as possible.

While that protest may be more symbolic than anything else, the fact that voters in every single one of Ohio’s 88 counties voted in opposition to the health reform law is not something that should be ignored in the political arena – especially when the final tally was 66-34%.

In other words, even as the Supreme Court seems ready to wade into this legal dispute, the law remains unpopular in both parties – and in this case – unpopular in a key swing state.

Before we go predicting what the Court is going to do, remember that the justices could take on just a piece of the legal puzzle that is this subject.

We’ll see if the Court does anything on this front today.

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