Final Weekend in New Hampshire

With voters still digesting the results of Tuesday's Iowa Caucus, the remaining GOP candidates face two debates this weekend in New Hampshire in a final rush to next week's primary in the Granite State.

The latest polls still showed a strong lead for Mitt Romney, but also a bump for Rick Santorum, who almost knocked off Romney in Iowa.

There are two debates this weekend, one on Saturday night on ABC, and one on Sunday morning on NBC, giving all the candidates another chance to zing each other on a high profile stage.

Meanwhile, Jon Huntsman won a boost on Thursday night for his campaign, as the Boston Globe newspaper endorsed the former Utah Governor, who has been focused solely on New Hampshire for months.

"He would be the best candidate to seize this moment in GOP history, and the best-prepared to be president," the Globe wrote in its editorial.

Huntsman's people immediately sent word of it by email to supporters, asking for extra contributions to boost his White House bid.

"Clearly with our crowds swelling and this major endorsement of Governor Huntsman our momentum is building," the email read.

Others were also arguing they had momentum, as Rick Santorum saw larger crowds and more money coming in after his strong showing in Iowa; he has a half dozen events scheduled on Friday to take advantage of his new popularity.

Newt Gingrich meanwhile sharpened his attacks on Romney, releasing a new ad that blasted Romney on economic matters - making many wonder what Gingrich might do in this weekend's debates.

Recent polls have shown strong numbers for Ron Paul as well in New Hampshire, as he comes off his third place finish.

Still running in front is Romney, and while few expect him to fail, you never know what to expect out of New Hampshire voters.

Four days to go.