My Daughter's Work Day

That little red headed girl with the "Press" badge and the reporter's notebook who was zipping around the hallways of the Capitol on Thursday was my daughter.  She had a blast, or at least that's what she told me.

"Hi Henry.  Hi Ted," she said to her brothers that evening.

"I'm home from work!"

Here is a proud father and his kid squeezed into his broadcast booth on the Senate side of the Capitol, which is stuffed into the attic rafters.

It is about the size of two phone booths, filled with televisions and cables and tape recorders, and strewn with dozens of Post-It notes that try to remind me of some news story I want to write.

And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Elizabeth wasn't worried about getting claustrophobic, as she soaked in the surroundings and got to see all of Dad's friends in the Radio TV press gallery.

She was also very happy to be wearing her temporary press credential badge front and center on her dress.

It got even better when one of the staffers in the House Radio TV gallery handed her a reporter's notebook, which really made her look like she was doing some work!

Dad dragged her all over the place. We went to a hearing on the House side, interviewed the Georgia Commissioner of Labor in the hallway, zoomed back to the Capitol for a GOP news conference, then down to Speaker Pelosi's news conference.

There, I had to embrace my role as Reporter Crumudgeon by tossing two print reporters out of the way, after they decided they could stand in front of my kid after we had staked out a pretty good view of the Speaker.

Just for the record, my kid wants to be a nurse, not a reporter. I think that would be a pretty good choice.

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