Conservative group attacks Trump as liberal

Echoing the complaints of some other Republican hopefuls in the race for President, the conservative group Club for Growth announced a major ad buy in Iowa today, launching a pair of ads that directly attack Donald Trump's beliefs, accusing him of being a fake conservative.

"Which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care and the Wall Street Bailout? It's Donald Trump," the ad says, starting first with photos of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

"Trump - the worst kind of politician," the narrator says on another ad, which attacks Trump's support of the controversial Kelo decision on eminent domain, which most Republicans heatedly opposed.

Officials of Club for Growth, who have been fighting with Trump for weeks, say they will spend $1 million on their ad buy in Iowa, all in an effort to squelch Trump's momentum in the GOP race.

"Club for Growth Action believes that Trump is the worst Republican candidate on economic issues," the group argued in its release.

"In fact, short of Bernie Sanders, he may be the most liberal candidate in the whole field on fiscal policy," officials added.