Congressional Earmarks 4

Today's installment of earmarks come again from the House, this time dealing with home state transporation projects that members want to fund.   By my count, there are 326, which total to just under $2 billion for Fiscal Year 2011.

As always, we make no judgment on the necessity to fund these programs, but they would easily be described as "pork" by many Congressional Watchdogs.

See what you can find!

FTA CIG Access to the Region's Core, NJ $200,000,000 The President Holt; Pallone; Pascrell; Sires; Rothman
FTA CIG BRT Project, CO $24,163,000 The President Polis
FTA CIG Central Corridor LRT, MN $45,000,000 The President Ellison; McCollum
FTA CIG Central Florida Commuter Rail Transit--Initial Operating Segment, FL $40,000,000 The President
FTA CIG Central Subway LRT, CA $20,000,000 The President
FTA CIG Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Ext. to Wiehle Ave., DC $96,000,000 The President Connolly (VA); Moran (VA)
FTA CIG E Street Corridor sbX BRT, CA $42,630,000 The President Baca
FTA CIG East Bay BRT, CA $15,000,000 The President
FTA CIG East Corridor, CO $40,000,000 The President DeGette; Perlmutter
FTA CIG Gold Line, CO $40,000,000 The President DeGette; Perlmutter
FTA CIG King County BRT, WA $21,274,000 The President
FTA CIG Long Island Rail Road East Side Access, NY $215,000,000 The President
FTA CIG Mason Corridor BRT, CO $5,450,573 The President
FTA CIG MetroRapid BRT, TX $24,229,796 The President
FTA CIG Mid Jordan LRT, UT $100,000,000 The President
FTA CIG New Britain-Hartford Busway, CT $45,000,000 The President Larson (CT)
FTA CIG North Corridor LRT, TX $75,000,000 The President Green, Al; Green, Gene; Jackson Lee (TX)
FTA CIG Northwest/Southeast LRT MOS, TX $86,249,717 The President Johnson, Eddie Bernice
FTA CIG Nostrand Ave BRT, NY $28,398,554 The President
FTA CIG Perris Valley Line, CA $23,490,000 The President
FTA CIG Rail Transit Project--East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center, HI $55,000,000 The President Hirono
FTA CIG Second Avenue Subway Phase I, NY $197,182,000 The President Maloney
FTA CIG Southeast Corridor LRT, TX $75,000,000 The President Green, Al; Green, Gene; Jackson Lee (TX)
FTA CIG University Link LRT Extension, WA $110,000,000 The President
FTA CIG Van Ness Avenue BRT, CA $15,000,000 The President
FTA CIG Weber County to Salt Lake City Commuter Rail, UT $80,000,000 The President
FTA CIG West Corridor LRT, CO $40,179,000 The President DeGette
DoT, OST TPR&D Chicago Aviation Education Initiative, IL $250,000 Rush
DoT, OST TPR&D Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute, MN / WI $1,000,000 Obey
DoT, OST TPR&D New England Freight Rail Infrastructure Study, MA $300,000 Olver
FAA AIP Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport Phase 1 Runway 4/22 Safety Area Improvements/Extension, ME $750,000 Michaud
FAA AIP Augusta Airport Runway Reconstruction and Safety Area Improvements, ME $500,000 Pingree (ME)
FAA AIP Charlotte Monroe Executive Airport Ramp, Taxiway and Related Improvements, NC $1,000,000 Kissell
FAA AIP Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO) Extension of Runway 21, VA $500,000 Perriello
FAA AIP Denver International Airport F7 Taxiway Construction, CO $700,000 DeGette
FAA AIP Grand Forks Regional Airport (GFK) Passenger Terminal--Phase III, ND $750,000 Pomeroy
FAA AIP Montrose Regional Airport Taxiway Bravo Extension, CO $500,000 Salazar
FAA AIP Outagamie County Regional Airport Taxiway, Apron, and Signage Improvements, WI $750,000 Kagen
FAA AIP Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Taxiway Alpha, AZ $1,000,000 Pastor (AZ); Mitchell
FAA AIP Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Papa (P) and Related Improvements, AZ $1,000,000 Mitchell
FAA AIP Sawyer County Airport Land Acquisition and Landing System Improvements, WI $1,750,000 Obey
FAA AIP Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Apron and Various Improvements, GA $500,000 Bishop (GA)
FAA AIP Stinson Municipal Airport Taxilane Extension, TX $1,000,000 Rodriguez
FAA AIP Virginia Highlands Airport Design and Land Acquisition, VA $750,000 Boucher
FAA F&E Kingston Regional Airport ILS Upgrades, NC $500,000 Butterfield
FHWA Delta Arkansas River Trail, AR $500,000 Snyder
FHWA Delta Blytheville Overpass, AR $1,000,000 Berry
FHWA Delta Higdon Ferry Road Widening, Hot Springs, AR $1,000,000 Ross
FHWA Delta Holly Springs Road Project, DeSoto County, MS $1,250,000 Childers
FHWA Delta I-555 Floodway Access Road, Poinsett County, AR $1,500,000 Berry
FHWA Delta Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority, TN $500,000 Tanner
FHWA Delta Old Taylor Road Roundabouts, MS $500,000 Childers
FHWA Delta Reconstruction and Widening of U.S. 627 Bridge over Interstate 75, Madison County, KY $750,000 Chandler
FHWA Delta Ridge Road Extension, Pearl River County, MS $750,000 Taylor
FHWA Delta South Three Notch Street Improvement Project, AL $750,000 Bright
FHWA Delta Washington Street Bridge Replacement, Vicksburg, MS $1,500,000 Thompson (MS)
FHWA FB Berkeley Ferry Service, CA $500,000 Pelosi
FHWA FB Commuter Ferry, MA $1,000,000 Capuano
FHWA FB Ferry Landing in Pt. Mackenzie, AK $1,000,000 Young (AK)
FHWA FB Ferry Terminal Dock for Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, NY $600,000 Nadler (NY)
FHWA FB Friday Harbor Ferry Terminal Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvements, WA $230,000 Larsen (WA)
FHWA FB Golden Gate Ferry-Sausalito Ferry Facility Ramps and Gangways, CA $500,000 Woolsey
FHWA FB Long Branch Pier and Ferry Terminal Design, Engineering, and Project Management, NJ $1,000,000 Pallone
FHWA FB Port of Port Angeles Ferry Terminal Repairs, WA $1,000,000 Dicks
FHWA FB Refurbishing, Enhancing, and Improving the Safety of the North and South Lynchburg Ferry Landings, TX $700,000 Green, Gene
FHWA FB Salem Wharf Pier Project, MA $1,000,000 Tierney
FHWA FB Vallejo Ferry Maintenance Facility, Vallejo, CA $750,000 Miller, George
FHWA FB Vessel and Terminal Sewage Pump-out Systems Installation, Cape Cod, MA $1,000,000 Delahunt
FHWA FL Blackstone River Bikeway, RI $1,000,000 Kennedy
FHWA FL BRAC-Related Improvements for Harford County, MD $1,500,000 Ruppersberger; Kratovil
FHWA FL BRAC-Related Improvements, Anne Arundel County, MD $1,500,000 Kratovil; Ruppersberger; Sarbanes
FHWA FL BRAC-Related Improvements, Montgomery County, MD $500,000 Van Hollen
FHWA FL Diaz Ordaz International Border Crossing, TX $500,000 Cuellar
FHWA FL Frederick Douglass Bridge Engineering, DC $500,000 Norton; Hoyer
FHWA FL Gila County Control Road Improvements, AZ $1,000,000 Kirkpatrick (AZ)
FHWA FL Golden Gate National Parks-Park Access, Transit and Trails, CA $1,000,000 Pelosi
FHWA FL Great Highway Long-Term Solution Planning, CA $500,000 Speier
FHWA FL Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge-Repayment of Debt Service Owed to Arizona, AZ $1,000,000 Pastor (AZ)
FHWA FL Low Divide and Rowdy Creek Road Improvement Project, County of Del Norte, CA $750,000 Thompson (CA)
FHWA FL Miccosukee Road Resurfacing Project, FL $1,100,000 Meek (FL); Hastings (FL); Wasserman Schultz
FHWA FL New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Design and Construction Project, DC $2,000,000 Hoyer; Norton
FHWA FL Pedestrian Access Bridge Over Dulles Airport Access and Toll Road, VA $1,000,000 Moran (VA)
FHWA FL Road Improvements, Wrangell Borough, AK $250,000 Young (AK)
FHWA FL Saddle Road Improvements, Island of Hawaii, HI $750,000 Hirono
FHWA FL SH 125: Michigan River Bridge, Jackson, CO $750,000 Salazar
FHWA FL Southern Nevada Beltway Interchanges, NV $1,000,000 Titus; Berkley
FHWA FL State Route 347 Grade Separation, Maricopa, AZ $1,000,000 Grijalva; Pastor (AZ)
FHWA FL Stones River National Battlefield Auto Tour Road Expansion and Rehabilitation, Murfreesboro, TN $500,000 Gordon (TN)
FHWA FL Swan Mountain Shared Use Pathway, Breckenridge, CO $750,000 Polis
FHWA FL Travis Air Force Base North Gate Access Improvements, CA $750,000 Garamendi
FHWA FL U.S. 199 Safety Improvements, Cave Junction, OR $300,000 DeFazio
FHWA IMD Augusta North Connections-Exit 113, ME $1,000,000 Pingree (ME); Michaud
FHWA IMD Avalon Boulevard Interchange Modification at the I-405, Carson, CA $1,000,000 Richardson
FHWA IMD City of Moline I-74 Bridge Preconstruction and Construction, IL $1,000,000 Hare
FHWA IMD Harrison County I-64 Interchange, IN $1,000,000 Hill
FHWA IMD I-294 at I-57 Interchange, IL $1,000,000 Rush
FHWA IMD I-390 Interchange, NY $1,250,000 Slaughter
FHWA IMD I-5 North Stockton Lane Widening and Improvements Project, CA $1,250,000 McNerney; Cardoza
FHWA IMD I-5 Widening from I-605 North to I-710 Environmental Phase, CA $1,000,000 Roybal-Allard; Napolitano
FHWA IMD I-5/Kuebler Boulevard Interchange Improvements, OR $1,000,000 Schrader
FHWA IMD I-64/22nd Street Interchange Reconfiguration, MO $1,000,000 Clay
FHWA IMD I-71 Corridor Access, Cincinnati, OH $1,000,000 Driehaus
FHWA IMD I-80/Gilman Street Interchange Improvement Project, Berkeley, CA $1,000,000 Lee (CA)
FHWA IMD I-805/La Jolla Village Drive Interchange Project, San Diego, CA $1,000,000 Davis (CA)
FHWA IMD I-85 in Davidson and Rowan Counties, NC $1,000,000 Watt
FHWA IMD I-94 from East Dickinson Interchange, East-Westbound Lanes Reconstruction, Dickinson, ND $1,000,000 Pomeroy
FHWA IMD I-95 Interchange at Yamato Road and Spanish River Boulevard Project, City of Boca Raton, FL $500,000 Klein (FL)
FHWA IMD I-95 Upgrades in Robeson County, NC $1,000,000 McIntyre
FHWA IMD I-95/301 Interchange, SC $2,000,000 Clyburn
FHWA IMD Interstate 225 and Colfax Avenue Reconfiguration, Aurora, CO $1,250,000 Perlmutter
FHWA IMD Interstate 79/Mt. Morris Interchange Improvements, Greene County, PA $1,000,000 Critz
FHWA IMD North Stockton I-5 Interchanges and French Camp Interchange/Arch Sperry Road Extension, Stockton, CA $1,000,000 Cardoza; McNerney
FHWA IMD Raton South I-25 Interchange Reconstruction, Raton, Colfax County, NM $750,000 Lujan
FHWA IMD Rehabilitate I-84 Bridges over Delaware and Neversink Rivers, NY $1,000,000 Hall (NY)
FHWA IMD Widening of I-35, Waco, TX $2,000,000 Edwards (TX)
FHWA TCSP 2nd Avenue Bridge Reconstruction, City of Cambridge, MN $750,000 Oberstar
FHWA TCSP 705 Connector, Morgantown, WV $450,000 Mollohan
FHWA TCSP 7th (a) Road Project, IN $650,000 Donnelly (IN)
FHWA TCSP Alabama 210/Ross Clark Circle Safety Lighting Project, AL $450,000 Bright
FHWA TCSP Ansonia Riverwalk, CT $400,000 DeLauro
FHWA TCSP Barre Commons Road Reconstruction and Drainage Improvements, MA $1,050,000 Olver
FHWA TCSP Bayamon Circulation Arteries, PR $450,000 Pierluisi
FHWA TCSP Berry Hill Road Connector Road Engineering and Right of Way Acquisitions, Pittsylvania County, VA $400,000 Perriello
FHWA TCSP Bethany Road Reconstruction and Improvements, Sycamore, IL $650,000 Foster
FHWA TCSP Boulder Bikes to Business Project, Boulder, CO $250,000 Polis
FHWA TCSP Branford Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard Flood Improvements, CA $250,000 Berman
FHWA TCSP Broad/Main/Front/Hellertown Transportation Enhancements, Phase II, Quakertown, PA $450,000 Murphy, Patrick
FHWA TCSP Brooklyn Waterfront Transportation Study, Brooklyn, NY $450,000 Nadler (NY)
FHWA TCSP Byberry Road and Bustleton Avenue Intersection Improvements, Philadelphia, PA $700,000 Schwartz
FHWA TCSP Capitol Expressway Pedestrian Improvements, CA $240,000 Lofgren, Zoe
FHWA TCSP Carbon County Covered Bridge Repair Project, PA $250,000 Kanjorski
FHWA TCSP Carlton Avenue Bridge, Brooklyn, NY $900,000 Towns
FHWA TCSP Chippewa Falls Downtown Reconstruction, WI $730,000 Obey
FHWA TCSP Columbus Bicentennial Bikeways-West Side Improvement, Columbus, OH $450,000 Kilroy
FHWA TCSP Construct Roadway and Bridges at the Intersection of Coalfields Expressway and King Coal Highway and from Dock Creek to Cedar Run, WV $900,000 Rahall
FHWA TCSP Conway Village Main Street Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvements, NH $450,000 Shea-Porter
FHWA TCSP Cooley Landing/San Francisco Bay Trail Construction, CA $600,000 Eshoo
FHWA TCSP Coolidge Highway Resurfacing Project, MI $750,000 Levin
FHWA TCSP CSAH 12 Extension/TH 14 Interchange, MN $650,000 Walz
FHWA TCSP Design and Implementation of Transit Improvements at 83rd Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY $700,000 Crowley
FHWA TCSP Downtown Tacoma Streetscapes Improvement Project, WA $1,000,000 Dicks
FHWA TCSP E. Stadium Bridges Replacement Project, City of Ann Arbor, MI $450,000 Dingell
FHWA TCSP Eastern Gateway, MA $900,000 Neal
FHWA TCSP Edison Road Extension, CT $1,000,000 DeLauro
FHWA TCSP Emergency Road Access and Improvement Project, PA $650,000 Carney
FHWA TCSP Empire Corridor West High Speed Rail Improvements, Town of Tonawanda, Erie County, NY $270,000 Slaughter
FHWA TCSP First Avenue Bridge Replacement, NJ $360,000 Payne
FHWA TCSP Glenwood Road Pedestrian Safety Improvements, GA $450,000 Johnson (GA)
FHWA TCSP Harbor Brook Flood Control, CT $650,000 Murphy (CT)
FHWA TCSP Hays-Travis Trail System, TX $650,000 Doggett
FHWA TCSP Holbrook--Traffic Safety Signalization--Kings Road and S. Franklin, MA $300,000 Lynch
FHWA TCSP I-75 Walking Bridge, St. Ignace, MI $450,000 Stupak
FHWA TCSP Improvements to U.S. Route 15, State Route 45, and St. Mary's Street in E. Buffalo Township, PA $450,000 Carney
FHWA TCSP Intersection Improvements around State Center, Baltimore, MD $650,000 Cummings
FHWA TCSP Jefferson Avenue Improvements, City of Detroit, MI $650,000 Kilpatrick (MI)
FHWA TCSP Lake Champlain Bridge, NY $400,000 Owens
FHWA TCSP Leesburg North Bypass, GA $450,000 Bishop (GA)
FHWA TCSP Legacy Farm Roadway and Main Street Improvements, Hopkinton, MA $1,000,000 McGovern
FHWA TCSP Locust Avenue Bridge Replacement, City of Rye, NY $600,000 Lowey
FHWA TCSP Los Banos Bypass Segment One, Los Banos, Merced County, CA $400,000 Cardoza
FHWA TCSP Lowry Avenue Bridge Replacement Phase II, Minneapolis, MN $900,000 Ellison
FHWA TCSP Lyons Road Improvements Section IV, Coconut Creek, FL $650,000 Deutch
FHWA TCSP Marin-Sonoma Narrows, CA $450,000 Woolsey
FHWA TCSP MD5/MD373/Brandywine Interchange Project, Prince George, MD $1,400,000 Hoyer
FHWA TCSP Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Phase 2B, CA $650,000 Chu; Schiff
FHWA TCSP Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Project, CA $450,000 Farr
FHWA TCSP Nassau County Street and Sidewalk Improvements, NY $450,000 Israel
FHWA TCSP Nelson Hill Bridge Replacement, NY $100,000 Murphy (NY)
FHWA TCSP New York Avenue Improvement Project-32nd Street to 48th Street, Union City, NJ $450,000 Sires
FHWA TCSP Nogales Highway Railroad Bridge Overpass, AZ $900,000 Giffords
FHWA TCSP North Main Street Reconstruction, Columbia, SC $900,000 Clyburn
FHWA TCSP North Rhett Extension Project, SC $500,000 Brown (SC)
FHWA TCSP Norwood Drive Reconstruction, PA $700,000 Altmire
FHWA TCSP NW 66th Avenue Reconstruction and Kempton Bridge Replacement, Polk County, IA $450,000 Boswell
FHWA TCSP Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge Rehabilitation Project, Ogdensburg, NY $700,000 Owens
FHWA TCSP Pratt Trail in Salt Lake City, UT $650,000 Matheson
FHWA TCSP Raleigh Outer Loop, Wake County, NC $1,500,000 Price (NC)
FHWA TCSP Rand Avenue Reconstruction, IL $600,000 Costello
FHWA TCSP Reconstruction of Congress Street Bridge, Bridgeport, CT $450,000 Himes
FHWA TCSP Rehabilitation of Beacham Street, MA $550,000 Markey (MA)
FHWA TCSP Repair and Resurfacing of Critical Streets, Belle Glade, Palm Beach County, FL $900,000 Hastings (FL)
FHWA TCSP Roadway Improvements-Route 70, Medford, NJ $450,000 Adler (NJ)
FHWA TCSP Roadway Restoration, Village of Ardsley, NY $500,000 Lowey
FHWA TCSP Rosemead Boulevard Underpass Repair Project, Pico Rivera, CA $450,000 Napolitano
FHWA TCSP Route 1 Corridor Improvements Capital Project, MD $650,000 Sarbanes; Cummings
FHWA TCSP Route 1/Route 123 Interchange (Phase I), VA $500,000 Connolly (VA)
FHWA TCSP Route 29/250 Bypass Interchange Improvements, Engineering, Design, and Construction, Albemarle County, VA $500,000 Perriello
FHWA TCSP Route 35/202 at Pine Grove Court and Stony Street, NY $250,000 Hall (NY)
FHWA TCSP Route 6 and Silver Cross Boulevard Intersection Widening and Roadway Improvement, New Lenox, IL $450,000 Halvorson
FHWA TCSP Route 82 Reconstruction and Widening, North Royalton, OH $650,000 Sutton
FHWA TCSP Rutland Creek Path, VT $650,000 Welch
FHWA TCSP Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility, CA $500,000 Matsui
FHWA TCSP Safety Improvements on South Meadow Road, Clinton, MA $250,000 McGovern
FHWA TCSP Scott Ranch Road Extension, AZ $250,000 Kirkpatrick (AZ)
FHWA TCSP SE Main Avenue, 20th, 21st Street Underpass and Ancillary Improvements, City of Moorhead, MN $450,000 Peterson
FHWA TCSP Seiberling Way Bridge Replacement, OH $450,000 Ryan (OH)
FHWA TCSP Sellwood Bridge Replacement Project, Multnomah County, OR $650,000 Blumenauer; Schrader; Wu
FHWA TCSP Sharpes Ferry Bridge, FL $900,000 Grayson
FHWA TCSP Shot Pouch Creek Trail, SC $650,000 Spratt
FHWA TCSP Sidewalk Construction in Ashland, Cherryland and Castro Valley Communities, Alameda County, CA $200,000 Lee (CA)
FHWA TCSP Southeast Connector Final Design, Des Moines, IA $650,000 Boswell
FHWA TCSP SR 510 Yelm Loop Project, WA $250,000 Smith (WA)
FHWA TCSP SR 54, McDonough Road to U.S. 19/41 in Clayton County, GA $650,000 Scott (GA)
FHWA TCSP Stansbury Transportation Improvements, KY $650,000 Yarmuth
FHWA TCSP Structural Bridge Repairs, Fort Lauderdale, FL $250,000 Klein (FL)
FHWA TCSP Telegraph Road Realignment, CA $450,000 Sanchez, Linda
FHWA TCSP Transportation Corridor Study, Greencastle/Putnam County, IN $450,000 Ellsworth
FHWA TCSP U.S. 34 Akron East Chip Seal, CO $1,000,000 Markey (CO)
FHWA TCSP U.S. 50/Watt Avenue Interchange Modification, CA $400,000 Matsui
FHWA TCSP U.S. Highway 101 High Occupancy Vehicle Widening Project, Carpinteria Creek Bridge, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, CA $650,000 Capps
FHWA TCSP Unser Boulevard Extension, NM $1,000,000 Heinrich
FHWA TCSP U.S. 401 in Cumberland, Harnett and Wake Counties, NC $650,000 Etheridge
FHWA TCSP U.S. 281/FM493 Overpass, Hidalgo County, TX $450,000 Hinojosa
FHWA TCSP Vesta Street Overpass, San Diego, CA $450,000 Davis (CA)
FHWA TCSP Veterans Medical City Connector, FL $650,000 Kosmas
FHWA TCSP Village of Barrington Route 14 Underpass, IL $550,000 Bean
FHWA TCSP Walk Winthrop and the HarborWalk, MA $750,000 Markey (MA)
FHWA TCSP Warrensville/Van Aken Transit Oriented, OH $450,000 Fudge
FHWA TCSP Washington Boulevard Traffic Signal Modernization, Commerce, CA $650,000 Roybal-Allard
FHWA TCSP Westchase District Intermodal Transit and Pedestrian Access Improvements, TX $450,000 Green, Al
FHWA TCSP Widening of Route 50 in Chillicothe, Ross County, OH $450,000 Space
FRA Grade Crossings Empire Corridor West High Speed Rail Improvements, Cayuga County, NY $360,000 Arcuri; Murphy (NY); Owens; Tonko
FRA Grade Crossings Empire Corridor West High Speed Rail Improvements, Oneida County, NY $625,000 Murphy (NY); Arcuri; Tonko
FRA Grade Crossings Improvement to Safety Devices at Highway/Railway Grade Crossings, WI $750,000 Baldwin
FRA Grade Crossings Traffic Separation Studies in Durham and Wake County, NC $500,000 Price (NC)
FRA Research Northern Lights Express Intercity Passenger Rail Study, MN $500,000 Oberstar
FTA AA Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Tier 2 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Preliminary Engineering, GA $700,000 Lewis (GA)
FTA AA Glassboro Camden Line EIS Project, NJ $750,000 Andrews
FTA AA Interstate 94 Transit Corridor, Ramsey and Washington Counties, MN $750,000 McCollum
FTA AA LYNX Bus Rapid Transit Alternative Analysis, FL $500,000 Brown, Corrine
FTA AA Naval Station Norfolk Light Rail Study, VA $250,000 Nye
FTA AA OCTA Santa Ana-Garden Grove Fixed Guideway Construction, Santa Ana, CA $250,000 Sanchez, Loretta
FTA AA Orange Line Extension Preliminary Engineering, IL $475,000 Lipinski
FTA AA Phoenix West (Formerly I-10 West) Light Rail Extension, Phoenix, AZ $1,000,000 Pastor (AZ)
FTA AA Red Line Extension, IL $1,500,000 Jackson (IL)
FTA AA South Central Avenue Light Rail Feasibility Study, Phoenix, AZ $750,000 Pastor (AZ)
FTA Bus Chicago Union Station Improvements, IL $500,000 Davis (IL); Gutierrez
FTA Bus PVTA Regional Transit Traveler Information Systems Project, MA $1,000,000 Olver
FTA Bus Aberdeen Intermodal Transit Center, MD $750,000 Ruppersberger
FTA Bus ACE Boulder Highway Rapid Transit Project, NV $2,000,000 Titus; Berkley
FTA Bus Bay Town Trolley Multi-Modal Facility, FL $500,000 Boyd
FTA Bus Bergen Intermodal Improvements, NJ $2,000,000 Rothman (NJ); Pascrell
FTA Bus Berkshire Regional Transit Authority, MA $1,000,000 Olver
FTA Bus Bloomington Hybrid Buses, IN $250,000 Hill
FTA Bus Brownsville Multi-Modal Terminal Facility, TX $500,000 Ortiz
FTA Bus Bus and Bus Facilities, VI $1,000,000 Christensen
FTA Bus Bus Replacement, Westchester County, NY $2,000,000 Lowey; Engel
FTA Bus Capital Area Transit Bus and Bus Facilities, PA $700,000 Holden
FTA Bus Chatham Area Transit Bus Replacement, GA $1,000,000 Barrow
FTA Bus Chicago Ridge Metra Station Improvements, IL $190,000 Lipinski
FTA Bus City of Rialto Metrolink Parking Lot Improvement, CA $700,000 Baca
FTA Bus City of San Bernardino Intermodal Transit Center, CA $500,000 Baca
FTA Bus City of Sante Fe Transit Department Bus Purchase, NM $250,000 Lujan
FTA Bus Colorado Transit Coalition Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities, CO $5,000,000 Polis; DeGette; Markey (CO); Perlmutter; Salazar
FTA Bus Coralville Intermodal Center, IA $700,000 Loebsack
FTA Bus Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority, TX $500,000 Ortiz
FTA Bus COTA Electronic Fare Payment System, Columbus, OH $1,300,000 Kilroy
FTA Bus Cypress Park Transit Bus and Bus Facilities, Los Angeles, CA $400,000 Becerra
FTA Bus Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bus CNG Procurement, TX $800,000 Johnson, Eddie Bernice
FTA Bus DAV Vehicles, Northport, NY $500,000 Bishop (NY)
FTA Bus Dutchess County Mass Transit Facility Project, NY $500,000 Hinchey
FTA Bus El Paso New Operations/Maintenance Facility, TX $1,500,000 Reyes
FTA Bus Fair Lawn Community Shuttle Bus Program, NJ $315,000 Rothman (NJ)
FTA Bus Falls Church Bus and Bus Facilities, VA $725,000 Moran (VA)
FTA Bus Flint MTA Conversion of Paratransit Facilities to CNG, MI $750,000 Kildee
FTA Bus Goldsboro Union Station, NC $500,000 Butterfield
FTA Bus Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Clifton Boulevard Transit Enhancements, OH $750,000 Kucinich
FTA Bus Greater Cleveland Warrensville/Van Aken Multi-Modal Facility, OH $550,000 Fudge
FTA Bus Greater Southeast Transit Terminal, Houston, TX $500,000 Jackson Lee (TX)
FTA Bus GRTC Downtown Multimodal Center, Richmond, VA $500,000 Scott (VA)
FTA Bus IndyGo Transit Bus Replacement Project, IN $1,000,000 Carson (IN)
FTA Bus Joliet Multimodal Transportation Center, IL $550,000 Halvorson
FTA Bus JTA Regional Transit Authority Multi-Modal Facility, FL $500,000 Brown, Corrine
FTA Bus LexTran Vehicle Maintenance Facility Improvements, KY $600,000 Chandler
FTA Bus Littleton Intermodal Parking Facility, MA $1,200,000 Tsongas
FTA Bus Los Angeles Boyle Heights DASH Bus, CA $420,000 Roybal-Allard
FTA Bus Los Angeles Florence-Firestone/Walnut Park Transit Vehicles, CA $300,000 Sanchez, Linda; Roybal-Allard
FTA Bus Los Angeles Midtown DASH Community Circulator Bus Expansion Project, CA $1,000,000 Watson
FTA Bus Los Lunas Intermodal Transportation Center, NM $1,000,000 Teague
FTA Bus MARTA Bus, Bus Facilities and Security Improvements, GA $3,000,000 Johnson (GA); Lewis (GA); Scott (GA)
FTA Bus METRO Bus and Bus Facilities, Houston, TX $1,000,000 Jackson Lee (TX); Green, Gene; Green, Al
FTA Bus Milwaukee County Buses, WI $1,000,000 Moore (WI)
FTA Bus Montebello Bus Lines and Norwalk Transit Agency Bus Replacement Project, CA $500,000 Napolitano
FTA Bus Monterey-Salinas Transit Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Security Systems Upgrade, CA $800,000 Farr
FTA Bus Municipal Transit Operators Coalition Clean Fuel Bus Purchase, CA $2,000,000 Waters; Harman; Watson
FTA Bus Mustang Park and Ride Structure, Scottsdale, AZ $500,000 Mitchell
FTA Bus New Center Intermodal Transportation Facility, Wayne, MI $1,350,000 Kilpatrick (MI)
FTA Bus Newburyport Intermodal Parking Facility, MA $500,000 Tierney
FTA Bus Pace Paratransit Vehicles, IL $1,400,000 Foster; Bean; Davis (IL); Gutierrez; Jackson (IL); Quigley; Schakowsky
FTA Bus Port Authority Allegheny County Hybrid Buses, PA $600,000 Doyle
FTA Bus Port of Galveston Transit Terminal Parking, TX $1,250,000 Paul
FTA Bus Potomac Yard-Crystal City Transit Way, VA $1,250,000 Moran (VA)
FTA Bus Replacement Buses for Urban Transit Systems in the Triangle, NC $2,500,000 Price (NC); Etheridge; Miller (NC)
FTA Bus Riverview Corridor Bus Acquisition and Facilities, MN $750,000 McCollum
FTA Bus Rochester Intermodal Transportation Center, NY $2,500,000 Slaughter
FTA Bus SEPTA 69th Street Terminal, PA $500,000 Sestak
FTA Bus SEPTA Levittown Station Intermodal Improvements, PA $600,000 Murphy, Patrick
FTA Bus South Hampton Roads Satellite Transit Operating Facility, VA $1,500,000 Nye
FTA Bus Southern Maryland Commuter Bus Initiative, MD $1,500,000 Hoyer
FTA Bus Stark Area Buses Regional Transit Authority, OH $800,000 Boccieri
FTA Bus Suffolk County Bus and Bus Facilities, NY $750,000 Bishop (NY)
FTA Bus Tennessee Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities, TN $1,000,000 Davis (TN)
FTA Bus Transit Center, California State University, Northridge, CA $500,000 Sherman
FTA Bus Unified Government Transit Buses and Bus Facilities, KS $800,000 Moore (KS)
FTA Bus Union Passenger Terminal, LA $1,250,000 Cao
FTA Bus Union Station Intermodal Center, DC $500,000 Norton
FTA Bus Vacaville Intermodal Station-Phase 2, Vacaville, CA $750,000 Miller, George
FTA Bus VIA Bus Fleet Modernization, TX $2,400,000 Rodriguez; Gonzalez
FTA Bus VIA Fredericksburg Road Bus Rapid Transit Corridor, TX $1,000,000 Gonzalez
FTA Bus Washington Avenue Port Plaza and Intermodal Center, WA $1,000,000 Dicks
FTA Bus Watts DASH Community Circulator Bus Project, CA $200,000 Richardson
FTA CIG Baltimore Red Line, MD $1,500,000 Cummings; Sarbanes
FTA CIG BART Silicon Valley Project, CA $2,000,000 Honda; Lofgren, Zoe
FTA CIG Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project, CA $750,000 Harman; Schiff; Waters; Watson
FTA CIG Downtown Transit Corridor Program, Downtown Circulator -- The Wave, FL $1,750,000 Wasserman Schultz; Hastings (FL)
FTA CIG Green Line Extension to Route 16 from Tufts, MA $500,000 Capuano
FTA CIG Houston Commuter Rail Service in Harris and Fort Bend County (US 90A), TX $1,000,000 Green, Al; Green, Gene; Jackson Lee (TX)
FTA CIG Purple Line, MD $1,500,000 Edwards (MD); Van Hollen
FTA CIG Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART), CA $1,000,000 Woolsey
FTA CIG South Shore Commuter Rail Capital Reinvestment Plan, NICTD, IN $1,000,000 Visclosky
FTA CIG Stamford Urban Transitway, CT $1,000,000 Himes
FTA CIG West Eugene EmX, OR $1,000,000 DeFazio
FTA Research City of College Station Public Transportation Initiative, TX $150,000 Edwards (TX)
FTA Research CTAA Job links, DC $2,400,000 Olver
FTA Research Project Transit, Philadelphia, PA $1,000,000 Fattah
FTA Research Queens College Barriers to Public Transportation Survey, NY $250,000 Weiner

Today's installment of earmarks come again from the House, this time dealing with home state transporation projects that members want to fund.   By my count, there are 326, which total to just under $2 billion for Fiscal Year 2011.As always, we make no judgment on the necessity to fund ...