Clinton targets Trump over remarks on women

Credit: Jamie Dupree

Credit: Jamie Dupree

Making a direct play for the votes of women in November, Hillary Clinton's campaign issued a new ad on Friday that goes back to something that's been tried before by the critics of Donald Trump, an ad that uses Trump's own words against him.

"I'd look at her, right in that fat ugly face of hers," the video shows Trump saying, as the campaign ad switches among young girls, looking at themselves in the mirror.

"A person who is flat chested, is very hard to be a ten," Trump is heard saying in a radio interview that has been talked about before.

Other lines included from Trump's own words in the Clinton ad:

+ "She's a slob"

+ "She ate like a pig"

+ "Does she have a good body? No."

All of those lines are heard as young girls look at themselves in the mirror, or their phone.

"Is this the President we want for our daughters?" the ad ends with.

"Going for the kill shot with suburban moms," said GOP strategist Liam Donovan, who has been against Trump.