Christmas Bomb Plot

Congress kicks off a series of public hearings today about the botched Christmas Day airline bomb plot, as top Obama Administration officials go before three different Senate commitees on the matter.

Getting most of the flak will probably be Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who has become a dart board for many critics of the current White House.  She will appear at two of the three hearings.

FBI Director Robert Mueller and the top two members of the Nine Eleven Commission will help lawmakers look back at what more needs to be done to safeguard Americans and air travel.

Napolitano is probably lucky about the timing of today's hearings, because while they will be interesting, they will be overshadowed by the day after reporting on the Democratic Senate loss in Massachusetts, and the ongoing earthquake aftermath in Haiti.

Also likely to get a lot of heat today will be the head of the National Counter Terrorism Center, Michael Leiter.  It was his unit that failed to fuse together intelligence clues on the accused Nigerian bomber.

The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold its own closed door briefing on the matter on Thursday.

Will we learn anything new today?  Stay tuned.