Behind The Scenes

Since Washington, D.C. seems to be winding its way into August Vacation mode, I thought I would give you a little view inside our work areas in the U.S. Capitol.

Radio-TV reporters have a smaller gallery, but many of us have individual broadcast booths.

And here is a photo of me in my spacious booth up in the attic of the Senate side. The picture doesn't do justice to all the electronic gear I have stuffed in here, as there is another shelf of TV's that are up even higher on the shelves behind me.

My booth on the House side of the Capitol is almost ready after a four month renovation of our Radio-TV workspace.

It is really small. I mean, really small. It's about two and a half feet deep and four feet wide. It's like a closet.

Except, it has a window sill and a fantastic view down the National Mall.

The booth itself is so small that it is difficult to take a picture of it that will show you anything. Here is one of the wiring being done in there.

You can see just how small the workspace area is.

As the renovation was being completed, the work uncovered some of the original 1850's Minton Tiles that were used to decorate the floors of the House and Senate wings of the Capitol.

This photo is from just outside the door to my House booth, before they covered it up with carpeting.

While Congress and the President are out of town next week, I will be doing a lot of engineering and other work to get that House booth ready for use in coming months.

Before the renovation, I had the same window, but my booth was a bit larger. Unfortunately, the changes in the House Radio-TV Gallery resulted in a smaller workspace for me, but it is better than no space at all.

So, there's a quick view of where I work. I'll try to post more photographs about our work environment in the future to give you a better idea of what's here.