Australia demands answers after news crew roughed up by U.S. police

Video of a cameraman being struck and manhandled by police outside the White House on Monday raised controversy on the other side of the globe Tuesday, as the government of Australia called for answers into why U.S. police clearing a park for President Donald Trump attacked an Australian television news crew without provocation.

The incident occurred as police suddenly pushed hundreds of demonstrators out of Lafayette Park across from the White House, ultimately allowing President Trump to walk across the park to the site of a church damaged by street violence in recent days.

Reporter Amelia Brace from the Australian "Sunrise" news show was broadcasting live from Lafayette Park, just at the moment when police suddenly charged into a crowd of protesters.

In the surge by riot police, they used Brace and her cameraman Timothy Brace were struck multiple times - all of it captured live for Australian TV viewers.

The police sweep came as President Trump was addressing reporters in the White House Rose Garden, as riot police used tear gas, flash bang explosions, and more to clear Lafayette Park.

A few minutes later, President Trump emerged from the White House and marched over to St. John's Church, where he stood for photos while holding a Bible.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the incident 'troubling' - he had spoken with President Trump by phone on Monday, but did not know of the situation during their conversation.

The Australian opposition leader labeled the treatment of the Aussie news crew a 'completely unacceptable assault.'