Arrrrr, It's Manhattan Matey

The word out last night was that the captured Somali pirate is going to be brought to the United States for trial, most likely in New York City.

Maybe the feds will be nice enough to show him around town before hustling him off to the clink for most of his life.

Manhattan really is a logical choice, given that the feds have used the Big Apple for trials related to attacks on Americans in Africa.

It seems forever ago, but the Al Qaeda bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa ended up in a federal courtroom in New York.  That attack was in 1998, a precursor to Nine Eleven.

One thing that might gum things up is the question of how old the Somali pirate is - some reports had him under 18.

If he is a minor, then that could change some of the actions by the U.S. government.  We'll see.

I'm sure there will be some who don't want the guy brought to the U.S. under any circumstances, and would rather administer justice out on the high seas.

Arrrr, time to walk the plank, matey.

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