Update: Court won't hear Georgia woman's allegation of rape

Dr. Paul Harnetty
Dr. Paul Harnetty

Credit: Lois Norder

Credit: Lois Norder

When Dr. Paul Harnetty goes on trial in Wyoming later this month, the jury won't hear a report by a Georgia woman that he had raped her, according to a news report.

A Wyoming radio station reported that a woman contacted Casper, Wyoming police on Nov. 27 and said she was sexually assaulted by the doctor in December 2011. But a judge excluded that information from his upcoming trial on charges he sexually assaulted Wyoming patients.

Here's a link to that news report: http://k2radio.com/report-of-georgia-womans-rape-may-not-be-used-in-trial-of-former-casper-doctor/

Last week, the AJC reported that when Harnetty worked in Warner Robins, Ga., he had been accused of sexually harassing nurses at a Georgia hospital, and that the Georgia medical board had conducted a 22-month investigation of him. But the board here never imposed any public disciplinary action against him. The board had never even acknowledged investigating Harnetty, and the public learned of its investigation only because it was part of a pre-trial hearing in Wyoming about whether the evidence could be heard at trial.

It isn't known if the Georgia board had received any other complaints about his actions here, and the board won't comment on individual doctor cases.   That article is here: http://investigations.blog.ajc.com/2018/01/04/mysterious-departure-of-georgia-doctor-explained-in-wyoming-courtroom/

His trial is scheduled to start Jan. 22.

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