Four Questions with Lithia Springs head coach Corey Jarvis

Today's interviewee is Lithia Springs coach Corey Jarvis, whose team won two mini-games this week to qualify for the playoffs out of Region 6-AAAAA. Lithia Springs, which opened in 1976, is making its first state-playoff appearance in history on Saturday at Clarke Central.

Corey Jarvis, Lithia Springs head coach

1. What was the experience of those mini-games like? How do you prepare for those, and what was the reaction of the players and coaches when you won? "Very playoff-type atmosphere and under pressure the entire time. The preparation was different for us because we had two totally different defensive game plans for two teams. I believe they did know what was at stake [first-ever state-playoff berth], as it was told to us by many people. The reaction for our kids and coaches was priceless."

2. What does it mean for the program to make the playoffs? How do you use that to build? "It is huge because the program has been down for so long, and it has brought true excitement to the school. Now my young guys have something to show them the hard work pays off."

3. You've coached at two places where your teams won region titles and made playoff runs. Do you see Lithia Springs as like Mays and M.L. King, or does it have its unique set of challenges? "Totally different than both of those schools because the football IQ was different. We are getting there day by day, and it's so exciting to see their growth."

4. Lithia Springs is the fifth school where you've been a head coach. What do you feel is the most underrated thing that a new coach and staff must do in that first season? "Get to know your kids. You will get them to play so much harder for you the first year. Make the kids see you care about the kids more than football."

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