All-region teams: Leary, Moon, Dixon named top players in 3-A

Credit: Adam Krohn

Credit: Adam Krohn

Here is the all-region team for 3-A, as voted by the league's coaches:


Co-players of the year: RB/DB Jalen Leary, Calvary Day, Sr. and RB/DB Nate Moon, Savannah Christian, Jr.

Co-offensive players of the year: QB Thomas Carver, Calvary Day, Jr. and QB Karon Taylor, Claxton, So.

Defensive player of the Year: DB Omar Burroughs, Savannah Christian, So.

Special teams player of the year: Noah Chumley, Savannah Christian, Sr.

Athlete of the year: Myles Freeman, Claxton, Sr.

First-team offense 

QB - Spencer Robicheaux, Savannah Christian, So.

RB - Jordan Grant, Savannah Christian, Sr.

RB - Rocko Griffin, Calvary Day, Jr.

WR - Grant Thomas, Calvary Day, Sr.

WR - Matthew Mims, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

TE - Devon Hagan, Claxton, Sr.

OL - Dylan McMahon, Savannah Christian, Sr.

OL - Colby Quinney, Savannah Christian, Jr.

OL - Brock Taylor, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

OL - Cameron Weaver, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL - Walker McDonald, Savannah Christian, Jr.

K - Jorge Gonzalez, Claxton, Jr.

First-team defense 

DL - Andre Miller, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

DL - Clay Dekle, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

DL - Sayyid Stevens, Calvary Day, Sr.

DL - D'Quan Dose, Calvary Day, Sr.

DL - Fuches Lewis, Calvary Day, So.

DL - Deoveon Hayward, Claxton, Jr.

LB - CJ Nugara, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

LB - Jay Hagan, Savannah Christian, Sr.

LB - KJ Hayes, Portal, Sr.

LB - Dwayne Ruffin, Calvary Day, Sr.

DB - Shakari Benson, Claxton, So.

DB - Isaiah Jason, McIntosh County Academy, So.

DB - Conner Washington, Portal, Sr.

DB - Nye-air Grant, Calvary Day, Sr.

P - Seth Maxwell, McIntosh County Academy, So.

Second-team offense 

QB - Barry Kleinpeter, Savannah Country Day, Fr.

RB - Marquell Brown, Savannah Christian, Jr.

RB - Donovan Davelaar, Savannah Country Day, So.

RB - Johnny Cummings, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR - Jay Wetherington, Calvary Day, Jr.

WR - Kenny Odom, Savannah Country Day, Fr.

TE - Ashley Pinkney, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL - Aiden Purvis, Claxton, Jr.

OL - JC Hicks, Portal, Jr.

OL - Dane Speerstar, Calvary Day, Jr.

OL - Azavan Lawton, McIntosh Country Academy, So.

OL - Brayton Rahimi, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

Second-team defense 

DL - Kenneth Reedy, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

DL - Calton Bishop, Portal, Sr.

DL - Josh Amerson, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

DL - Sammi Cullars, Claxton, Jr.

DL - Mark Langston, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

DL - Quadarris Green, Calvary Day, Jr.

LB - Johnothan Carter, Claxton, Fr.

LB - Jalen Williams, Portal, Sr.

LB - Tyler Crosby, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

LB - Davis Gaylord, Calvary Day, Sr.

DB - Jaydon Grant, Calvary Day, Sr.

DB - Allen Bartley, Claxton, So.

DB - Devonta Brown, Portal, Sr.

DB - Albert Grandy, Savannah Country Day, Sr.


Player of the year: RB/DB Eric Dixon, ECI, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB/ATH DaQuan Jackson, Montgomery County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Hunter Henry, ECI, Sr.

Athlete of the year: Alroy Parham, Jenkins, Sr.

Specialist of the year: John Joiner, ECI, Jr.

First-team offense 

QB - Chase Whitehead, ECI, So.

RB - Randy Shoemake, Montgomery County, Sr.

RB - Jujuan Major, Jenkins County, Sr.

RB - ReJar Rock, ECI, Sr.

WR - Colt Brantley, Treutlen, Sr.

WR - Jef'Corrice Davis, Johnson County, Sr.

WR - Trey Kelsey, Jenkins County, Sr.

TE - Tyler Thompson, ECI, Sr.

OL - Chandler Shockley, ECI, Sr.

OL - Jake Martin, ECI, Sr.

OL - Austin Sherrod, ECI, Sr.

OL - Logan Tapley, ECI, Jr.

OL - Kameron Wideman, Montgomery County, Jr.

OL - Bryan Coleman, Montgomery County, Sr.

First-team defense 

DE - Curtis Fann, ECI, Sr.

DE - Ty Snead, Johnson County, Sr.

DL - Tyler Ellis, Jenkins County, Sr.

DL - Jeremiah Pullens, ECI, Jr.

DL - Ty Roundtree, Montgomery County, Jr.

DE/LB - Tristan Denmark, Montgomery County, Sr.

LB - Jakobe Russell, Montgomery County, Jr.

LB - Ty Evans, Jenkins County, Sr.

LB - Randon Hutcheson, Treutlen, Sr.

LB/DB - Bryan Kirkland, ECI, Sr.

DB - Darique Williams, Montgomery County, Sr.

DB - A. J. Young, Jenkins County, Sr.

DB - Kameron Jordan, Treutlen, Jr.

DB - Michael Milton, Jenkins County, Sr.

DB - Jet Grady, Johnson County, So.

K - Crystian Garcia, Montgomery County, Jr.

Second-team offense 

QB - Christian McAfee, Johnson County, Jr.

RB - Jaylen Brown, Johnson County, Jr.

RB - Jeremiah Miller, Treutlen, So.

RB - JaRell Jordan, ECI, Jr.

WR - Jax Scott, Johnson County, So.

WR - Tykese Milton, Jenkins County, Sr.

WR - Tim Blair, Treutlen, Fr.

TE - P. J. Wright, Johnson County, Jr.

OL - Noah Bargeron, Montgomery County, Jr.

OL - Ben Foskey, Treutlen, So.

OL - Isiah Thomas, Johnson County, Sr.

OL - Jaylen Herrington, Jenkins County, Jr.

OL - Johnathon Coleman, Jenkins County, So.

OL - Demetrious Devero, Johnson County, Sr.

Second-team defense 

DE - Kris Jackson, ECI, Fr.

DE - Kobe Thomas, Treutlen, Sr.

DL - Dominique Mills, Jenkins County, So.

DL - Jaylan Chamblee, Treutlen, Jr.

DL - Evan Durden, ECI, Jr.

DE/LB - Markeith Wright, Jenkins County, Sr.

LB - Aiden Greenway, Johnson County, So.

LB - Jamon Hodges, Johnson County, So.

LB - Rhett Harper, ECI, Jr.

LB/DB - Brandon Denmark, Montgomery County, Fr.

DB - Matt Seward, Montgomery County, Sr.

DB - Tyler Flakes, ECI, Sr.

DB - Cameron Brady, Jenkins County, Sr.

K/P - Trevor Byrd, Treutlen, Sr.

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