All-region teams: East Coweta RB Green named 2-AAAAAAA’s top player

Here is the all-region team for 2-AAAAAAA, as voted by the league's coaches:

Player of the year: RB Gerald Green, East Coweta, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB C.J. Ogbonna, Wheeler, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Trey Pinkney, Pebblebrook, Sr.

Coach of the year: Kareem Reid, Westlake

First-team offense 

QB - Michael Maginnis, Newnan, So.

RB - Tavion Jackson, Campbell, Sr.

RB - Darrell Nichols, Westlake, Sr.

RB - Bryson Moss, Newnan, So.

RB - Markcus Johnson, Westlake, Jr.

WR - Jeremiah Pruitte, Wheeler, Sr.

WR - Ricky White, Wheeler, Jr.

WR - Amir Spivey, Westlake, Sr.

WR - Woody Waters, Newnan, Sr.

TE - Tyson Ross, Westlake, Sr.

OL - Eduardo Pimentel, Campbell, Sr.

OL - R.J. Pettaway, East Coweta, Sr.

OL - Jared Atchinson, Pebblebrook, Sr.

OL - Marvin James, Pebblebrook, Sr.

OL - Ian Hoover, Westlake, Sr.

PK - Rad Wyrick, Newnan, Sr.

RET - JD Thomas, Wheeler, Jr.

First-team defense 

DL - Laron Mugashe, Pebblebrook, Sr.

DL - El-Rico Riley, Westlake, Sr.

DL - Mackenson Petit, Westlake, Sr.

DL - Quincey Miller, Pebblebrook, Jr.

DL - Eric Geter, Newnan, Jr.

LB - Taylor McCawley, East Coweta, Sr.

LB - Jaden Daniels, Westlake, Sr.

LB - Ricky Boozer, Newnan, Sr.

LB - Asher Spivey, Westlake, Sr.

DB - Dantarius Chunn, East Coweta, Sr.

DB - Darius Poythress, Pebblebrook, Sr.

DB - Myles Farmer, Westlake, Sr.

DB - Malik Hussie, Newnan, Sr.

P - Axel Blanco, Pebblebrook, Sr.

Second-team offense 

QB - Jalyn Williams, Westlake, Sr.

QB - Jaquaviuos Jones, Pebblebrook, Jr.

RB - Marveon Boyd, Pebblebrook, Jr.

RB - JD Thomas, Wheeler, Jr.

RB - Christian Davis, Westlake, Sr.

WR - Ja'Vaiz Bradford, Campbell, Sr.

WR - Jawon Boyd, Campbell, Jr.

WR - Kyle McDonald, Newnan, Sr.

OL - Rob Crummie, Westlake, Sr.

OL - Will Anderson, Newnan, Sr.

OL - Raquavius Johnson, Westlake, Sr.

K - Aaron Genus, Westlake, Jr.

Second-team defense 

DL - Darius Williams, Wheeler, Sr.

DL - Jordan Rush, Campbell, Jr.

DL - Darius Gates, Newnan, Sr.

LB - Jordan McKie, Pebblebrook, Sr.

LB - Myles Virgile, Campbell, Sr.

LB - Alex Derico, East Coweta, Sr.

LB - Ketavious Foreman, Pebblebrook, Jr.

DB - Emmanuel McQueen, Westlake, Sr.

DB - Joel Girtman, Westlake, Sr.

DB - Jaden Ross, Wheeler, Jr.

DB - Xaxier McClain, Pebblebrook, Sr.

Honorable mention: DB Xaxier McClain, Pebblebrook; DB Christian Sutton, Pebblebrook; DB Darius Murray, Pebblebrook; DL Nick Adu-Poku, Pebblebrook; DL Lance Knox, Pebblebrook; DL Donald Figgs, Pebblebrook; DL Jerell Culbreth, Westlake; DL Cam Ellington, Westlake; DL Darius Meeks, Westlake; DL Jaden Matua, Westlake; LB David Scott, Pebblebrook; LB Deven Holmes, East Coweta; LB San Juan Warner, Newnan; LB Jacob Thomas, Newnan; OL Bryan Campbell, Campbell; OL Riley Jewett, East Coweta; OL Gage Pitchford, East Coweta; OL Jeden Watson, East Coweta; OL Carson Knight, Newnan; OL Tyler Vallery, Newnan; OL Adam Rush, Newnan; WR Sincere Street, Pebblebrook; WR Gabe Reeves, Westlake

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