All-region teams: Athens Academy’s Knisely named top player in 8-A

Here is the all-region team for 8-A, as voted by the league's coaches:

Player of the year: RB/LB Kurt Knisely, Athens Academy, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Brock Vandagriff, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Jordan van den Berg, Providence Christian, Sr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB Deion Colzie, Athens Academy, Jr.

Coach of the year: Jeff Saturday, Hebron Christian

First-team offense

QB - Palmer Bush, Athens Academy, Jr.

QB - Colten Gauthier, Hebron Christian, Jr.

RB - John'ess Davis, Athens Christian, So.

RB - Landon Owens, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

RB - Evan O'Leary, Providence Christian, Sr.

RB - Sam Roach, Commerce, Sr.

WR - Thomas Jones, George Walton Academy, Sr.

WR - Donnovan Moorer, Hebron Christian, Sr.

WR - Logan Johnson, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

WR - Adriel Clarke, Riverside Military, Jr.

WR - Garrett Oaks, Towns County, Jr.

TE - Hugh Laughlin, Athens Academy, Jr.

OL - John Ferguson, Athens Academy, Jr.

OL -.Sammy Beasley, Athens Christian, Sr.

OL - Connor Kyle, Commerce, Sr.

OL - Peyton Freeman, Commerce, Jr.

OL - J.T. Cornett, Hebron Christian, Jr.

OL - Alex Sudderth, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

P - James Williams, Athens Academy, Sr.

K - Eryck Diaz, Commerce, Jr.

First-team defense

DL - Johnerio Holt, Athens Academy, So.

DL - Trahvon Wiggins, Commerce, Sr.

DL - Tank Benson, Hebron Christian, Jr.

DL - Bradyn Sorrow, George Walton Academy, So.

DL - Shane McCormick, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

LB - John Bostwick, Athens Academy, Sr.

LB - Winston Gassant, Hebron Christian, Sr.

LB - Jack Ihm, Hebron Christian, Sr.

LB - Tyler Payne, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

LB - Davis Ridings, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

LB - Chason Dickens, Providence Christian, Sr.

DB - Trey Willis, Athens Academy, Sr.

DB - Nalen Curry, Athens Christian, Jr.

DB - Daniel Wilson, Commerce, Sr.

DB - Jake Whitten, George Walton Academy, Jr.

DB - Chaz Scoggins, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

DB - Cameron Shad Dabney, Riverside Military, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB - Nate Ray, Commerce, Sr.

QB - Colby Bell, George Walton Academy, Sr.

RB - Jackson Ellerbee, George Walton Academy, Jr.

RB - Demetrius Rogers, Hebron Christian, Jr.

RB - Bodie Blackwell, Lakeview Academy, Jr.

RB - Tyler Brock, Commerce, Jr.

TE - Alex Pawson, Hebron Christian, Sr.

TE - Jack Johnston, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

WR - Kale Anderson, Athens Academy, Sr.

WR - Justin Peavy, Hebron Christian, Jr.

WR - Zac Dyer, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

WR - Zach Douglas, Providence Christian, Sr.

WR - Skyler Jordan, Providence Christian, Jr.

OL - Carson Young, Commerce, Sr.

OL - Landon Simpson, Hebron Christian, Jr.

OL - Zach Gunderman, Hebron Christian, Jr.

OL - Casey Luck, Providence Christian, Sr.

OL - Lamar Gordon, Riverside Military, Sr.

OL - Mathew Chapman, Prince Avenue Christian, Jr.

P - Bryson Franklin, Prince Avenue Christian, So.

K - Caden Bush, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Kris Knisely, Athens Academy, Sr.

DL - Harrison Finney, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

DL - Eduardo Scully, Riverside Military, Sr.

DL - Chauncey Jackson, Commerce, Sr.

LB - Ethan Connelly, Athens Academy, Jr.

LB - Asa Callow, Athens Christian, Jr.

LB - Chris Sperin, George Walton Academy, Sr.

LB - Michael Hilliard, Hebron Christian, Sr.

LB - Bodie Blackwell, Lakeview Academy, Jr.

LB - Sam Johnson, Providence Christian, Sr.

DB - T.J. Trudnak, Commerce, Sr.

DB - Jaiden Stowers, Hebron Christian, Jr.

DB - McKay Melnick, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.

DB - Griffin Pressley, Providence Christian, Sr.

Honorable mention

DB - Logan Ragle, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.; Andrew Ridings, Prince Avenue Christian, So.; DL - Colin Style, Providence Christian, Sr.; Elijah Burns, Commerce, Jr.; LB - Turner Trapnell, Athens Academy, Sr.; Cole Reynolds, Athens Academy, Sr.; Amaree Cosby, Athens Christian, Jr.; Gray Holbrook, Commerce, Jr.; Michael Dagenhart, George Walton Academy, Jr.; Joe Shealy, Providence Christian, Jr. OL - Julian Attaway, Athens Academy, So.; Thomas Stephenson, Athens Christian, Sr.; Bo Childers, Commerce, Jr.; Brennan Myers, Hebron Christian, Sr.; Landen Johnson, George Walton Academy, Sr.; David Bach, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.; TE - Reece Hampton, Towns Co, Jr.; QB - Ben Puckett, Lakeview Academy, Jr.; RB - Wally Terrell, Athens Academy, So.; Josh Frates, Commerce, Sr.; WR - Sam Perrott, Lakeview Academy, So.; Trey Stiles, Prince Avenue Christian, Sr.; Pierce Phillips, Providence Christian, Sr.; K - Johan Fuentes, Athens Christian, Jr.; P - Mason Ashby, Hebron Christian, Sr.

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