5 things we learned from Quinn, Kotwica and Koetter today

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn addresses moves made following 2018 season in a press conference Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019. (Video by D. Orlando Ledbetter / AJC)

Here are five quick takeaways from the press conference with Falcons coach Dan Quinn, special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter today. (Check back later for full stories on all three sessions and a column from Mark Bradley.):

1. Quinn on the compass. Quinn reiterated that the compass of the team was off and that led to the widespread changes on the staff.

2. Koetter on Ryan. Koetter said that Matt Ryan is playing the best football of his career.

3. Koetter on the offensive line. Fixing the offensive line is the Falcons' No. 1 offseason priority. Koetter noted that left tackle Jake Matthews and center Alex Mack were Pro Bowl selections and that the offensive line sets the tone for the team.

4. Kotwica on Quinn: Kotwica, a former military man, said Quinn's style of play appealed to him.

“When coach talks about the pillars of the program and when he talks ...the battle and the ball, being a former military officer and serving the country, that’s very attractive to me,” Kotwica said. “It’s a great fit.”

5. Quinn on releasing Matt Bryant. The team has not responded publicly to the release of kicker Matt Bryant until this conference.

“Matt has been a proven player for a really long time,” Quinn said. “Somebody that has been counted on in a number of really big moments in big games, a true competitor. But like most things, when…there is time for change, time to move on that was the case right now with Matt. We certainly wish him the best.”

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