'Matilda' musical arrives at Fox Theatre next week: Here's a sneak peek [Video]

Credit: Jewel Wicker

Credit: Jewel Wicker

Matilda, her neglectful parents and her ruthless principal Agatha Trunchbull are headed to the Fox Theatre.

The Tony-award winning musical and Broadway hit opens at the downtown venue on April 18. "Matilda" is based on the 1988 novel by Roald Dahl of the same title. Young fans might also recognize the storyline from the 1996 Danny Devito-directed film.

Dan Chameroy, the actor who plays Trunchbull in the musical, says the musical pays homage to the book, which has a darker tone than the subsequent film.

"It's a family show without a doubt," he told reporter Andrew Alexander for the AJC. "But the musical honors very much what the book is. There's a darkness to his characters and stories. It's not fluffy. It's like 'Harry Potter.' It lives in a world where there's an edge to it."

Get a glimpse into the melodious revolt families can expect when they attend the "Matilda" in the video below:

Times vary. April 18-23. $30 - $125. Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St., Atlanta. foxtheatre.org.