New Falcons stadium: 'It's coming'


New Falcons stadium: 'It's coming'

The Atlanta Falcons have a warning for you. "It's coming."

Construction is well under way at the new Atlanta stadium near the Georgia Dome. Now comes the task of selling out the arena before it opens. It's coming.

A video released last week to entice ticket buyers (did we mention they want you to buy tickets?), the Falcons put together a montage of the events you'll see at the new stadium: Falcons games, college football games, MLS games, basketball games, rock concerts, (Super Bowls), wrestling matches, and more MLS.

Wait ... the Super Bowl? At the 50-second mark you'll see a very brief snippet (don't blink) of the Lombardi Trophy being raised. Falcons owner Arthur Blank has lobbied for a Super Bowl after 2018.

Also featured in the video is the first peek at stadium's functionality. You get a look at the lights display and how the retractable roof will work in the new Atlanta stadium, which is scheduled to open for the 2017 NFL season.

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