Cool morning, warm afternoon trend continues

Cool morning, warm afternoon trend continues

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  • Temperatures should be in the 40s Thursday morning.
  • The last time temps dropped to the 40s was May 6.
  • Atlanta’s high should rise to 79 degrees later this week. 


Today: Sunny. High: 71

Tonight: Mostly clear. Low: 48

Tomorrow: Sunny. High: 76

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After a warm day, Atlanta is in for a cool night and even cooler morning. 

Following a comfortable afternoon with temperatures in the 70s, Wednesday night skies should stay clear as temps hover in the mid 50s, Channel 2 Action News reported. 

The current temperature is 59 degrees. 

Expect to wake up to 49 degrees Thursday morning. The last time temperatures reached the 40s was May 6, according to Channel 2. 

Temps are expected to hit a high of 71 in Atlanta on Wednesday. (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

But there’s good news: Highs are expected to hit 76 Thursday and 79 Friday, Channel 2 reported.

They are forecast to hit 77 Saturday and 75 Sunday, when a 20 percent rain chance is in effect.

More showers should comes Monday, when there is an 80 percent chance of rain. 

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