Staff Members

Name Title Phone Email
Albright, Mandi Audience Specialist 404-526-7606 Email
Andres, Bob Email
Bentley, Rosalind Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-5948 Email
Bluestein, Greg Political Reporter Email
Bookman, Jay 404-526-5464 Email
Boone, Christian Reporter for Enterprise Email
Bradley, Mark Sports Columnist and Blogger Email
Brasch, Ben Reporter Email
Brett, Jennifer Email
Brooks, Angel K. 404-526-7550 Email
Broschart, Fred Email
Brown, Sandra Email
Brown, Tracy Email
Burns, Steve 404-526-7508 Email
Campbell - Cox Washington, Kyla Email
Carvell, Michael Email
Clanton, Nancy Email
Colley, Lauren Email
Cook, Rhonda Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-2075 Email
Corson, Pete Audience specialist 404-526-5435 Email
Cox, Ray Email
Coyne, Amanda C. Hyperlocal digital reporter Email
Culpepper, JuliaKate E. Content producer Email
Cunningham, Michael Email
Datar, Saurabh
Davis, Janel Email
Deere, Stephen Atlanta City Hall reporter 404-526-2415 Email
Downey, Maureen Education columnist 404-526-5445 Email
Duncan, Todd C. Senior editor, Local government and Business teams 404-526-2143 Email
Edwards, Johnny 404-526-7209 Email
Eldridge, Ellen 404-526-2099 Email
Emerson, Bo staff writer Email
Estep, Tyler Local government reporter 404-526-2067 Email
Fell - Cox Washington, Jacqueline Email
Figueras, Ligaya Senior Editor, Food and Dining Email
Foreman, Lauren 404-897-7831 Email
Foskett, Ken 404-526-5066 Email
French, Rose
Galloway, Jim Columnist and Blogger Email
Gibson, David Local government editor 404-526-5458 Email
Godwin, Becca J. G. 404-526-2539 Email
Gray - Cox Washington, Justin
Habersham, Raisa 404-526-2786 Email
Halicks, Richard Senior editor for Enterprise 404-526-5635 Email
Hallerman, Tamar Email
Harrison, Shane Email
Hart, Ariel Reporter 404-526-7261 Email
Haws, Jeff Content producer Email
Hernandez, Erica
Hicks, Nelson Email
Ho, Rodney Email
Jackson, Andre 404-526-5882 Email
Jeff Ernsthausen, 404-526-5633 Email
Jeffries, Fran 404-526-7550 Email
Joyner, Chris Email
Joyner, Tammy Local government reporter Email
Judd, Alan Email
Kanell, MIchael E. Business Reporter 404-526-7044 Email
Kass, Arielle Reporter 404-526-5752 Email
Kelley, Tom
Kempner, Matt Business columnist 404-526-7047 Email
Klepal, Dan Reporter Email
Luck, Mike Sports Audience Specialist 404-526-7421 Email
Lutz, Meris Local government reporter 404-526-5314 Email
Mariano, Willoughby Email
Martin, Armani Email
Martinez, Courtney Digital Optimization Specialist Email
McCaffrey, Shannon Senior assistant editor for Enterprise Email
McCray, Vanessa Education Reporter 770-263-3866 Email
McIntosh, Shawn 404-526-5007 Email
McMillar, Colleen Local government editor 404- 526-7572 Email
Merwin, Emily News Applications Developer Email
Miller, Krista Email
Miller, Michelle Audience specialist for Enterprise Email
Miniet, Liz Audience specialist Email
Mitchell, Tia Local Government reporter 404-526-2373 Email
Moss, Wes Email
Nazario, Kyle
Niesse, Mark Georgia government reporter 404-526-2848 Email
Norder, Lois 404-526-5983 Email
Northam, Mitchell Hyperlocal Digital Reporter Email
O'Brien, David Atlanta Braves beat writer Email
O'Shea, Brian 404-526-5986 Email
Oliviero, Helena staff writer 404-526-7738 Email
Orlando Ledbetter, D. Atlanta Falcons beat writer Email
Parker, Najja
Peebles, Jennifer Newsroom Data Specialist 404-526-5923 Email
Perry, John Email
Pirani, Fiza Email
Poole, Shelia Email
Prabhu, Maya T. Reporter Email
Quinn, Christopher Senior Editor, Education team 404-526-2160 Email
Rankin, Bill Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-5442 Email
Redmon, Jeremy Reporter 770-627-3491 Email
Rhone, Nedra Email
Riley, Kevin 404-526-2161 Email
Robbins, Danny 404-526-5618 Email
Roberson, Doug 404-526-5979 Email
Roughton, Bert 404-526-5681 Email
Ruggieri, Melissa Music writer 404-526-2838 Email
Salzer, James Email
Sarrio, Jaime Email
Scheimer - Cox Washington, Dorey
Schneider, Craig Reporter for Enterprise Email
Schrade, Brad
Schultz, Jeff AJC columnist Email
Seth Emerson, Email
Sharpe, Joshua
Shin, Hyosub Email
Smith, Nicole D. Senior Features editor Email
Spink, John Email
Stafford, Leon Local government reporter 404-526-5366 Email
Staples, Gracie Bonds Columnist Email
Stevens, Alexis Reporter for Enterprise 404-526-7550 Email
Stirgus, Eric Education reporter 404-526-7521 Email
Suggs, Ernie Reporter for Enterprise Email
Sugiura, Ken Georgia Tech beat writer 404-526-5251 Email
Tagami, Ty Education reporter 404-526-7739 Email
Teegardin, Carrie Email
Terpstra - Cox Washington, Patrick Email
Thrash, Rodney Email
Toone, Stephanie
Torpy, Bill Columnist Email
Torres, Kristina Reporter Email
Towers, Chip Email
Trubey, J. Scott Business Reporter 404-526-2201 Email
Tucker, Tim Email
Van Atten, Suzanne Email
Vejnoska, Jill Email
Vivlamore, Chris Reporter 404-526-5932 Email
Waligore, Mark 404-526-7411 Email
Walker, Marlon A. Education reporter 404-526-2471 Email
Watkins, Richard News Applications Specialist and Illustrator Email
Whaley, Kevin Email
Wickert, David Reporter for Enterprise 770-263-3062 Email
Wingfield, Kyle 404-526-5328 Email
Yamanouchi, Kelly Business reporter 404-526-5055 Email
Zusel, Yvonne Email