The Wingstop, Wendy’s rap battle is one for the ages 

3:25 p.m Friday, Oct. 6, 2017 Atlanta Life
Staff Writer
Wingstop, which opened its 1,000th restaurant two weeks ago, has a restaurant in the works near the Dayton Mall. Photo from Wingstop Facebook page

The saucy rap battle between Wendy’s and Wingstop all started with a simple tweet of Wingstop in a strip mall, but ended as a full-on showdown a la “Rap City.”

A Twitter user posted a photo of Wingstop and Gamestop on Twitter, noting that seeing the two businesses together was reminiscent of Migos’ banger “Bad and Boujee.” (The lyrics are actually “raindrops, droptop”.)

Wingstop jumped on the viral post with its own play on the breakout hip-hop hit.

Twitter being Twitter egged on the keepers of Wendy’s Twitter account to match up to Wingstop’s “bars.” Wendy’s has had its share of social media face-offs, including one with Carls Jr.

Wendy’s answered the call.

Then, Wingstop came back with a vengeance.

Wendy’s proved its Twitter battle stamina with this witty little ditty.

Wingstop continued to hold its own, even throwing in the ultimate urban dismissal “girl, bye.”

The shenanigans eventually ended with a lighthearted truce for the chicken and burger chains, with Wendy’s taking a bow first.

Days later, Twitter’s still ablaze with commentary on which fast food floacist won the battle.