Shark bites girl, 10, at Florida beach

Shark bites girl, 10, at Florida beach

A child was bitten by a shark in Brevard County, Florida, officials said.

According to WFTV in Orlando, the 10-year-old girl was in knee-deep water when the shark bit her right leg just before 1:30 p.m. Saturday in Cocoa Beach.

She was transported to a Cape Canaveral hospital, where she’s being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries.

Ocean Rescue closed the beach after the attack, but it has since reopened.

A swimmer said he was very close to the spot where the girl was bitten.

"I look over and I see four puncture wounds, and everybody was saying, 'Shark!'" Jimmy Acevedo said. "I was right next to her."

The victim has not been identified and is expected to be OK.

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