Police seek help in Little Five Points attack

Police seek help in Little Five Points attack

Atlanta police are trying to find the victim and witnesses of an attack in Little Five Points that is depicted in a 6-second video circulating on social media.

Atlanta Police Department spokeswoman Kim Jones said there was no report filed after the incident so police have little to go on. But they are hoping for calls from those who witnessed the attack.

Video of the attack first appeared Tuesday night on Vine, a popular online video-sharing site, according to multiple media reports. A longer video appears on YouTube, with clips of the moments leading up to the attack. (WARNING: The clips contain violence and profanity.)

In one clip, a person is seen arguing with two men outside a skate shop. The final clip shows a third man stomping on the person’s head. The video does not show the person being knocked to the ground or how the attacker came upon the group.

It is not clear when the attack happened.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call 911.

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