Readers Write: Aug. 9


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17 Atlanta Public Schools cops admit to cheating on test

Readers Write: Aug. 9

Time for state to lead on Medicaid

Re: Gov. Nathan Deal’s (“States show risk of Medicaid expansion,” Editorial, Aug. 2): I appreciate all your efforts to bring jobs to Georgia, but think of all the jobs that would have been created (and saved) by expanding Medicaid. Many more than a car plant — and good-paying jobs to boot. It’s time the leaders of this great state actually lead and help the more than half a million Georgians get medical insurance by expanding Medicaid. That’s a full 5 percent of Georgia’s population. It’s time to be the governor of all the people.


Disappointed by Luckovich

Disappointing. That was my reaction to seeing Mike Luckovich’s disparaging portrayal of Charles and David Koch (“New Crusade,” Aug. 5). His illustration disregards the Kochs’ commitment to knocking down barriers to opportunity for the most disadvantaged members of our society. They’ve supported education through a $25 million scholarship grant to the United Negro College Fund, facilitated entrepreneurship teaching in public schools, and worked with the ACLU and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in pursuit of reform for the criminal justice system. The Kochs are entrepreneurs who deserve to be complimented for their efforts, not vilified.

As the head of Georgia-Pacific, I’ve seen firsthand how the Kochs’ integrity, respect for all, regardless of one’s situation in life, and principled entrepreneurship, are responsible for creating over 60,000 jobs in the U.S. (7,000 here in Georgia). While political discourse and disagreement are staples of American democracy, mocking those who invest in society does very little to advance the debate.


Climate change alarmists cost taxpayers

The story (“Coca-Cola, UPS join $140B climate pledge,” Business, July 28) is cited by a writer as “evidence of mainstream consensus for the need to address climate change.” The writer continues that Congress members who disagree with human-caused global warming are bought off by the fossil fuel industry. That’s the usual practice of global warming alarmists attacking the messenger without refuting the message. These businesses aren’t acting out of agreement that human activity causes dangerous global warming. They’re looking out for the best interests of investors . Follow the money. The federal government supports these activities with accelerated depreciation, tax credits, and government grants and contracts. In addition, states offer hundreds of additional subsidies at state and local levels. All of these add up to waste of tax dollars and future higher energy costs.


No biased policing here

Congratulations to the Cobb Police for the detailed debunking of Cobb Commissioner Lisa Cupid’s attempt at intimidating law enforcement. Neither she nor anyone in her district is excused from obeying and respecting the laws (and the enforcers) that the rest of us must live by. At least not yet, although there seems to be a movement in several areas of the country to be treated with deference if you are black. We are all equal before the law. Police, we value the protection that you provide us. Thanks.


Some GOP’ers waking up

So, middle-class Republicans might be turning against their politicians. Finally. Since the 1970s, your salary has not kept up with the economy. In the 1970s, the GOP began its assault on labor unions. You believed their talking points, the unions got smaller. When they were stronger, when they got a raise, so did you because your boss figured you might quit and take a higher-paying unionized job. Now you have nowhere to go, so no raise. Your CEO and the Board got their raises — you, nothing. Oh, by the way, the lie about not having control over your union like you have as a shareholder — I was a union delegate and we met monthly. The companies I hold stock in meet once a year. One met in Denmark, another actually met in Timbuktu.


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