If Hillary is elected, what will they call Bill?


If Hillary is elected, what will they call Bill?

As the election approaches, one of the small questions people have about Hillary Clinton potentially becoming president is simple. If she wins, what do we call Bill Clinton?

Traditionally, former presidents are still honored with the title “Mr. President.” Obviously this is less than ideal if the former president is married to and spends a significant time around someone who is the current president (if Hillary is elected). 

In some cases where a president’s family member has previously held the job, nicknames sometimes arise to clarify confusion. For example, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush were nicknamed “41” (because he was the 41st president) and “W.” 

If we look to state governments, governors’ husbands often go by “The First Gentleman.” 

Hillary has jokingly suggested Bill could be the “First Dude” or “First Mate.” Bill also gave a light-hearted answer, saying he would change his name to Adam so he could be the “First Man.”

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