Which north Fulton city has the highest median household income?


Which north Fulton city has the highest median household income?

Median household incomes in several North Fulton cities are steadily rising and outpacing Georgia overall, according to new community-level data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The figures were released this month in the American Community Survey, which examines local-level data on more than 40 topics including poverty rates, health insurance and income disparities.

The survey’s one-year estimate shows that median household incomes rose in Sandy Springs from $64,049 in 2014 to $71,996 in 2015 — a growth rate of 12.4 percent.

Johns Creek, saw the largest increase in median household incomes than any other north Fulton city. Income levels rose to $116,210 in 2015 — a 16 percent change from the previous year. Roswell saw its income level rise by 11 percent, up to $89,088 last year, compared to 2014.

Other highlights:

  • Across Georgia, median household incomes in 2015 did not pace anywhere close to the same level as north Fulton County. Of the 3.9 million homes surveyed, statewide incomes slightly increased to $51,244 in 2015 from $49,321 in 2014 — a 3.8 percent change.
  • White and Asian median household incomes in Georgia outpaced black and Hispanic households by wide margins.
  • Asian households’ incomes rose to an average of $72,924 in 2015 — 8.8 percent change from 2014; White households’ income increased 4.3 percent last year to $58,791
  • Statewide, median income levels for Black and Latino households averaged less than $39,000 last year.

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See how the Atlanta region compared against other metropolitan areas:

Median Household Income[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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