The Vent for Thursday


The Vent for Thursday

I am so blasted tired of getting on the computer to relax and getting bombarded by ads. If I wanted to watch commercials I’d watch TV.

I will vote for the candidate who will tell me what he is planning to do if he wins. I will not vote for any candidate who spends his time slamming his opponent.

Wish there were more parents like Calvin Days and his wife, Paula Hunt, who are in favor of their son, Jabari Hunt-Days, being released from his Ga. Tech. football scholarship until he gets serious about his school work.

Alec Baldwin is a decent actor, but other than that he is just a complete idiot.

Could we demand an IQ test of all Congress? The dumb things they pass down to us are not speaking well of their intelligence.

Hooray to the parents of Jabari Hunt-Days. We need more parents like you.

I am a 62-year-old woman who has never been married -- by choice. I am not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). When asked on forms, I check “single.” Nowhere have I ever seen “spinster” listed as a status.

Tell you what, candidates, I pledge to vote for the one who promises to stop the robocalls.

Being terminated and/or banned for something a person said/posted during his/her personal time isn’t freedom of speech. It’s freedom of speech with consequences.

Oops, looks I will be supporting the Cobb County Braves after all. Just got my $30,000 property evaluation increase in a depressed market! Guess I won’t be enjoying any of those $10 hot dogs.

The speeders and dangerous lane changers are making it unsafe for everyone. But they get by with it. No enforcement.

If you are sentenced to 20 years and a $250,000 fine, do you have to pay the fine before you go in or can you wait until after the 20 years?

What’s up with all those 55 mph signs on I-285? We Atlantans already know the speed limit for traveling the emergency lane with our flashers on.

Why would I eat fish or anything else that expired five days ago? Food has an expiration date for a reason.

If the Ted is such a dump the Braves had to leave, why are there five bidders overnight? Thanks, Cobb, for taking on the overpaid spoiled brats.

I’m a furry, old patriarch and completely agree with the “disgruntled feminist” that “religions” fear educated women. I’m glad she scares you.

Poor Dan Uggla. If he would concentrate on the ball thrown and not his big arms, he may get some hits.

Surprise! Atlanta drivers were voted the second least courteous drivers in the country. I’ve always said Southern hospitality was a myth.

So how are you feeling about those loosened up gun laws these days?

So as long as those “confirmed bachelors” and “spinster women” kept it to themselves, huh? So that wedding ring and kids is keeping it to yourself? Think about whether it’s fair to allow someone an equal ability to express their love for someone.

I don’t know what was said but Solange Knowles had no reason for assaulting Jay-Z. He didn’t try to assault her or Beyonce.

Women should get paid less than men, especially, in job positions that require constant lifting.

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