Take to task for Feb. 15


Take to task for Feb. 15


Last week, we told you about a resident’s concern over the deplorable condition of 10th street with several potholes littering the busy intown road.

We got a quick response from the city.

“On January 25, the city of Atlanta repaired 19 potholes between State Street and Hemphill on 10th Street. This action was a temporary fix which may necessitate additional repairs due to an unknown water leak causing the road to sink in on several locations of the street. We believe this repair will be an extensive project which will include digging up the asphalt to determine the source of the leak and to fix the problem. The funding for this project has not been identified. However, the Department of Public Works and the Department of Watershed Management are coordinating to continue necessary temporary repairs until the more permanent one is conducted,” wrote the city’s Jewanna Gaither.

Days on list-13

Who’s looking into it: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza, 404-330-6240, rmendoza@atlantaga.gov.

New item-DeKalb County

Marsha Kelley hopes something can be done about a bad pothole in DeKalb County.

“A 3 1/2 inch deep pothole on McCurdy Road, off Hugh Howell Road, in Stone Mountain, has plagued neighbors for over a year. We have become accustomed to slowing down, entering the other lane, and going around this deep crevice for a year or more. A year ago my daughter’s first ride in her new car ended with a bent tire rim from driving into this hole in the dark-McCurdy is a well used road that connects several neighborhoods and Smoke Rise Golf and Country Club,” she wrote.

DeKalb County officials said the issue should be resolved in two weeks.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: DeKalb County public information officer Shiera Campbell, sdcampbell@dekalbcountyha.gov.

New item-Cobb County

Charlotte Mills wants to see a dangerous intersection fixed in Cobb County.

“I have seen several wrecks as a result of drivers turning left (south) on South Atlanta Road from Plant Atkinson Road/Log Cabin Drive in Smyrna/Vinings. I think a sign or a turn arrow reminding drivers that left turns must yield would help. I was almost hit today and it wasn’t the first time,” Mills wrote.

We sent the item to the county and will keep you posted.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: Cobb County public information officer Robert Quigley, govpio@cobbcommunications.org


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