Sunday Conversation with Kendall Robinson


Sunday Conversation with Kendall Robinson

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Kendall Robinson, a 15-year-old from Suwanee, had never given toilet paper a great deal of thought. That is, until she met a homeless man who shared how he has to make a single roll last a month. Now Kendall not only thinks a lot about toilet paper, but she also collects it, as in thousands and thousands of rolls, for her new project called LOVE ROLLS. Working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Kendall then distributes toilet paper to food pantries and other local service organizations. “Toilet paper is just something that everyone is supposed to have,” Kendall said. “For some people, it is a luxury.”

Q: How did you get the idea for LOVE ROLLS?

A? Last summer, I was attending a teen summit at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. I was volunteering at a mobile food pantry when I met the man who told me that he had only one roll of toiler paper to use for the entire month. The entire month.

Q: What was that encounter like for you?

A: It was a humbling experience. It has been interesting to put myself in someone else’s shoes and realize that my problems are not as big as some of the things other people are struggling with.

Q: How does LOVE ROLLS work?

A: We take physical or monetary donations from friends, family — really anyone who wants to contribute. The Atlanta Community Food Bank lets us know who is in need of our services and we distribute the toilet paper. Last week, we went to Beaver Ruin Road Baptist Church, which has a food pantry, and got to meet the individuals receiving our toilet paper.

Q: Who are “we”?

A: Family and friends help. I am going to get my friends from Greater Atlanta Christian School to help me distribute the toilet paper as well.

Q: What has the response been like?

A: I can’t even wrap my mind around how much support we’ve gotten from my school, friends, family, even corporations and local businesses.

Q: How many rolls have you collected?

A: Close to 5,000 and it’s only been two weeks.

Q: Where are you keeping all of it?

A: At least 20 boxes are at my home. Some is being kept at the school.

Q: How do people contribute to LOVE ROLLS?

A: It is super easy. All they have to do is go to our website, We have a Twitter account and a Facebook page, Love Rolls INC. If they don’t want to donate toilet paper, they can donate money and we will purchase the toilet paper ourselves.

Q: Have you done a lot of volunteer work?

A: I’ve gone on mission trips to Greece and Ecuador through my school and on local mission trips through my church to Louisiana and South Carolina. I do a lot of volunteering with my family and through Girl Scouts of America. I also volunteered three times at the White House, twice at the Christmas Tree Lighting and once at the Easter Egg Roll.

Q: Did you get to meet the president?

A: No, but hopefully soon.

Q: Why do you like volunteering?

A: If you are blessed enough to help others, you should take charge and do that. I feel very fulfilled when I am making an impact.

Q: What’s next for LOVE ROLLS?

A: I want to help not only the homeless in metro Atlanta but all over the world as well. I want to make sure that this continues for a very long time.

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