Suit: DeKalb apartment staff let ceiling collapse on pregnant woman

Suit: DeKalb apartment staff let ceiling collapse on pregnant woman

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The wife was pregnant when she was hit by falling debris, the suit claims.

A couple filed suit this month against a DeKalb County apartment complex, alleging that management ignored complaints about the ceiling, allowing it to fall.

The wife, Afiwa Awesso, pregnant at the time, was hit by falling debris and had to go to the emergency room from The Park at East Ponce Apartments, the lawsuit said. 

Representatives from the Stone Mountain complex, located on Tree Lane, didn’t respond to a message left Tuesday.

“As the ceiling of the apartment fell into disrepair from water leakage, plaintiffs repeatedly notified defendants that urgent repairs were needed,” the suit, filed Oct. 7 in DeKalb County State Court, alleges. “Defendants, however, ignored plaintiffs’ requests for repairs and allowed the condition of the ceiling to deteriorate.”

The collapse damaged property in the unit and made it uninhabitable. Attorney Latif Oduola-Owoo, who said Tuesday that wife is fine now, argues that the collapse caused the couple unnecessary troubles and expense with moving.

The suit asks for a jury to decide how much the couple is owed.

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