Study: Most Googled job in Georgia? Stripper (obviously)

Study: Most Googled job in Georgia? Stripper (obviously)

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Let me Google that for you.

She poppin’, she rollin’, she rollin’, she climbin’ that pole and — Georgia’s in love with the strippers. — a self-professed “intelligent and personalized career resource” site — recently released the results of a wildly unscientific “study” in which it sleuthed out the job title that residents of each state routinely Googled more than residents of any other state (follow that?).

And while other states took the cake for gems like “pirate” (North Carolina) and “lion tamer” (California), Georgia was tops in searches for “stripper jobs.”

The findings may not be especially shocking, given Atlanta’s well-established proclivity for depravity at nationally known hotspots like the Clermont Lounge and Magic City. Then again, a study published last year claimed Atlanta had “only” the fifth-most strip clubs in the country.

And those seeking scantily clad work in Georgia also have this to consider: In recent years, dancers from at least five Atlanta strip clubs have sued their employers over wage disputes.

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