Shot APD officer released from hospital

Shot APD officer released from hospital

An Atlanta police officer responding to the shooting of a colleague said he hit the alleged assailant with his service weapon because he feared for his life.

The suspect, Frank Nance, allegedly shot rookie Officer Reggie Robinson in the face Jan. 11 following a foot chase through a southwest Atlanta neighborhood. Robinson was released from Grady Memorial Hospital on Friday and is home recuperating with his family, according to an APD press release.

Meanwhile, his alleged assailant remains jailed without bond pending a preliminary hearing, originally scheduled for Friday but postponed until next Thursday.

According to police, Nance resisted arrest after he was cornered by officers in an apartment complex near the scene of the shooting. Lacerations and bruises evident in the 20-year-old’s mug shot raised questions about how the arrest was handled.

According to the incident report released Thursday, Nance sustained the injuries after tussling with officers.

The suspect “turned towards myself with his left hand coming upright. At that point I felt as if my life was in danger as I didn’t know if he was coming up with his weapon that shot the officer,” one of the officers said.

“I then came up with my service weapon and hit the suspect in the face,” he said. The force of the impact allegedly caused his gun to discharge once.

Police said they located a handgun magazine lodged between Nance’s legs and later located the weapon they believe was used to shoot Robinson. They also found a small bag of cocaine stuffed inside 12 pill capsules, authorities said.

“Our office of professional standards is investigating Nance’s apprehension, including the accidental discharge,” APD spokesman Carlos Campos said.

Nance has been in and out of the Fulton County Jail several times over the past four years, including an arrest in April on assault and battery charges, according to court records.

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